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Friday, 10 June 2011 02:00

Bramblet Takes Tarpon Fever Classic

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Bramblet Takes Tarpon Fever Classic Photograph by Kayak Fishing Classics

Bob Bramblet wins the Tarpon Fever Classic Kayak Fishing Tournament in Sarasota Florida. His Spotted Sea Trout, Redfish, and Tarpon not only won him the Tarpon Fever Classic but also put him in first place in the kayak fishing series. William Lusk took second place and Will Mallet, Bramblet’s partner was awarded third. For all the details on the Tarpon Fever Classic event check out the below press release.

Sarasota, Florida June 4th will be a day that Bob Bramblet remembers for a long time. His day started by launching for the Kayak Fishing ClassicS, Old Salty Dog, Tarpon Fever Classic. It did not take Bramblet long to get on fish in the low light. He was using a new pair of Ocean Waves that let him spot fish in low light conditions, so he took advantage of it. The Classic included Spotted Seatrout, Redfish and of course the Silver King, Long Live the King.

Bramblet scored his trout first, photographed, measured and released then moved on to redfish. He spotted some tails on the flats with the golden sunrise sparkling on them. He cast a D.O.A. Shrimp and recorded a red like he did the trout. After the release, it was time to have a conversation with the King.

The tide was ripping through the pass and the bite was on. Bramblet spotted several tarpon on the flats and offered a D.O.A. Bait Buster which was immediately munched. The fight was on and there really wasn’t much talking going on. Tarpon points are scored by photographed hook-ups and jumps in this event. A bit tricky when your yak is being towed, the poon is twisting your rod out of your hand and your head’s catching fire.

Good thing for Bramblet that his partner was there to take the pictures because he was plenty busy introducing himself to the King. Around 9:15 AM Bob checks in and shows up at The Old Salty Dog to inform Capt. Pat Horrigan, NTD of the ClassicS, that he was finished for the day, sat down in the shade and ordered a beverage. “Ok” said Capt. Pat, “tell me all about it.”

The Awards Ceremony began at 1:30 after weigh in and Bramblet was notably nervous. There was a lot at stake with the Series Points and over $8,000.00 in Sponsor Gear on the tables. Fifth Place was announced and Kelly Phillips was called out which helped his efforts in the Series Standings. Next Mark Knowles, the defending national champion, was awarded Fourth Place and plenty of gear and points to stay in the top five of the series. Third place was coming up next and Bramblet began to fidget in his chair. Will Mallet, Bramblet’s partner was awarded Third Place honors, a kayak full of gear and more points. Now the heat was on. Did Bob come in too early? Could he have worked it for a bigger redfish and more points?

William Lusk was awarded Second Place and all the goodies that go along with that lofty position in the Tarpon Fever Classic and he was stoked about it. He had been working hard to rise to this level. The ClassicS are well known for having some of the very best kayak anglers from around the Gulf Coast in their tournament series. Now it was crunch time. Did Bramblet over estimate his catch or was he to be the winner. You could see the anticipation in his body language as he tried to sit still.

Capt. Pat Made the announcement for the Overall Winner & First Place in the Classic and Bramblet’s name was called. Wow! Bob Bramblet just won the Tarpon Fever Classic and propelled himself to the top of the Series Lead. He was handsomely rewarded as are all contestants at each Classic. After the photos, congratulations and interviews, Bramblet had to pinch himself. “I consider it a privilege to fish with all of the talent that is here today. To actually win is something that I just dreamed about,” said the very happy angler. Congratulations Bob Bramblet on your win at the Tarpon Fever Classic and we will see you at Green Key on July 9th. Bob is now the leader in the 2011 Series with four more ClassicS before the invitational national championship in November. The series lead has changed hand six times now this year and Bramblet knows he is now the target. Long Live the King!

You can see more about the ClassicS tournament series at www.KayakFishingClassicS.com

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