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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 10:18

IGFA to finally recognize C&R practices

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With the conservation efforts surrounding the fishing industry today, there was always one hold out.  Despite the conservation efforts the International Game Fish Association, their rules for recording world record fish usually resulted in the fish's death.  That has finally changed.

This year the IGFA has launched an All-Tackle Length Record catagory that plays into the hands of Catch and Release anglers. With an IGFA metric measuring board, fish are caught, measured, photographed and released.  To be included with record submissions are three different photographs of the fish being measured, the angler, and the rod/reel/lure combination being used.  There is a substancial amount of information being provided, so if you're seeking out an IGFA record, make sure you're familiar with the rules before you get started.

boardThe official IGFA measuring board looks pretty slick, if not expensive.  Much of the 190cm measure is flexible, allowing you to role it up for easy storage. It is limited, though, to 190cm and I don't see that they have any provisions for measuring fish over that length.

"The new all-tackle length record category is another great means of recognizing angler achievement and also has a strong conservation message," said IGFA world records coordinator Jack Vitek. "While the IGFA does not require a fish to be killed for traditional weight category records, and many fish are indeed released alive, this is the first IGFA record category to adopt an all-release format."

Vitek added that with no need to return to the docks to weigh a catch, anglers pursuing a length record will utilize a standard measuring device, available for purchase now on the IGFA website and eventually through major fishing tackle retailers, to record the length of their catch. According to the official IGFA rules and requirements for all-tackle length records, the fish "must be measured at the site of capture and released so that it swims away on its own and in good condition."

If you're heading out for a new All Length record, make sure you learn all the rules, found here http://igfa.org/Fish/All-Tackle-Length-Rules.aspx

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Isaac Miller

About the Author: Isaac Miller considers himself an "equal opportunity angler" and will fish anything that will take a hook. Isaac often makes live internet video broadcasts when fishing from his kayaks, giving up-to-the-second reports on conditions and tackle choices. He also blogs at www.isaac-online.com and is a YakAngler.com Pro Staffer as well as Co-Host for Kayak Fishing Radio's Wild West show, PR Director for Recycled Fish, and co-owner of Green Tackle.


# Hammerhead 2011-01-21 19:10
It good to see that catch photo and release is catching on. Some states had all ready started to recognize anglers doing this and now with the IGFA joining the ranks more are sure to join.

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