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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 09:18

The Kayak Fishing Show

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Kayak Fishing is exploding in popularity! The reasons are simple. Kayaks are safe, exciting to fish from, inexpensive to purchase and to maintain, easy to transport, and less damaging to the environment. Best of all-anyone can do it.

The Kayak Fishing Show is the first show of its kind, and it’s designed to entertain, educate and inspire anglers, whether or not they have ever considered fishing from a kayak. The Show follows world renowned kayak angler Jim Sammons around North America (and beyond) on the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Battles with marlin in Baja, Halibut in Alaska, Tarpon in Florida, stripers in Chesapeake Bay, muskie in Canada, and tuna in Panama are just some of what you can expect to see in this exciting new fishing show.


"The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons is the result of two years of production investment," explains Ken Whiting, Producer of show and President of Heliconia "We've been shooting the show in conjunction with the ExOfficio Presents Kayak Fishing: Game On movie series for the past two years with the hopes that it would evolve into a TV series. Needless to say, we're ecstatic to see this dream come to life and are very optimistic about what this means for the continued growth of the sport."


"This is a major step for the sport of kayak fishing," says Jim Sammons, star of the kayak fishing show. "It's recognition from the fishing industry that kayak fishing is more than a passing trend—that the benefits of kayak fishing are real, and participation will continue to grow."

It's no surprise that the fishing industry is embracing the sport of kayak fishing. With the current state of both the economy and the environment, anglers are looking for cheaper and less damaging means of enjoying their passion. Not only does kayak fishing address these problems, but anglers are quickly realizing that kayak fishing offers an amazing and productive experience.

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About the Author: Adam Hayes is an avid kayak angler and the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com. He enjoys spending time on the water with his friends and family and really just about anything than involves growing the sport of kayak fishing.


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