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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 17:28

Jonesin' for Kayak Fishing Adventures

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We chat with Spencer Jones about his latest book, Jonesin for Kayak Fishing Adventures.

Spencer Jones is well known to most readers on Yakangler. He has kayak fished across the United States over the past 6 years and has recently published a new book. Inside this book Spencer Jones shares 5 different ways to travel and kayak fish through personal stories of adventures he has taken across North America.  Along with the stories he shares numerous packing tips and traveling checklists. Plus within these pages Spencer shares healthy and delicious recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists.  Prepping you to have an epic adventure chasing your passions to the max!

Please give us a short introduction to what Jonesin For Kayak Fishing Adventures is about

Jonesin’ for Kayak Fishing Adventures is the essential guide for the kayak angler to have an epic adventure on any budget.  Inside the book I share 5 different ways to travel on a variety of budgets by sharing multiple stories of my adventures across North America.  Plus there are 3 different checklists, a 3 and 5 day meal plan with recipes, shopping lists, and many other tips and tricks to help you have a truly amazing adventure!

What inspired you to write this book?

Since I started to kayak fish in 2012 I have been lucky enough to travel around North America to fish with members of our amazing community.  During the course of my many adventures I have collected a number of tips and tricks and I want to share them with others so they can have an epic trip.  My hope is that folks not only enjoy the fun stories of my adventures but learn from them and will create their own adventures and memories.

Your book not only covers kayak fishing, but all things travel related as well - like accommodation, planning and even packing.  Why did you take this approach?

Great question!  I took this approach because there are so many facets to kayak fishing.  It’s not always camping, or couch surfing.  Sometimes it involves staying in a hotel and flying.  And all of the approaches require proper planning and packing.  I have taken some trips where my planning and packing was great and others where I didn’t plan or pack well.  Hopefully by sharing these tips and tricks people can learn from my mistakes and have more successful trips.

One of the chapters is "How to clean a cast iron pan”

Yep!  You may be asking yourself why I would include such a random chapter.  Well, because a lot of what traveling kayak anglers do involves camping.  A cast iron pan is such an asset to have when camping because it cooks almost everything wonderfully.  The tricky part can be cleaning it so the pan doesn’t become rusty and yet removes all cooked or burnt items.  The hope is that the book makes everyone’s adventures amazing and a pan that doesn’t cook well can dampen the adventure. 

You dedicated this book to your grandpa and also took a trip down memory lane.  Why?  

My grandpa loved to travel.  He mainly traveled to chase his passion of hunting and shared it with his wife and daughter, my mother.  When I got to know my grandpa when I was older he shared the stories of his adventures and you could hear the excitement in his voice about his trips.  One of the biggest things he impressed on me is to share your trips and adventures with someone you love.  Whether it is a family member or a good friend.  It’s the things that happen on a trip that you chat about afterward that really make the memories.  The look that says a thousand words and can recreate an entire story.  He inspired me to continue to travel and have my wife, brother-in-law, and friends join in on the adventures.

In your section about the different accommodation options (camping, couch surfing, cabins and hotels), instead of just listing the pro's and cons of each approach, you also talk about specific fishing trips.  Why did you take this approach?

I could have easily listed a list of pros and cons but what’s the fun in reading that?!  I love to read peoples’ stories of their adventures, so what better way to share the variety of ways people can travel than by telling a story!

The book includes meal plans and recipes. Why do you think it important to cook your own, healthy food on a trip instead of just grabbing take-out or surviving on barbequed meat?

It can be super easy to grab take-out or survive on the basics.  Will you live to tell the tale? Yes.  Will you enjoy it? Maybe.  But will you be able to continue to do that time and time again and be able to chase your passions to the max every time? No.  I believe it’s important to make your own food, and generally healthy food, so your body can stay in tip top shape.  That way you can continue to chase your passions to the max for as long as you possibly can!

The book includes handy checklists. Why are checklists so important when going on a trip?

Have you ever taken a trip and after you were on the road or even at your destination realized your forgot something?  I have!  The book includes the checklists so you already have a set list of items you should bring with you on your adventure.  Plus there is room for you to add your own items and customize it!  Then you can head out on your adventure with peace of mind knowing you have everything you need. 

What are you working on right now?

Currently I am working on my Outdoor Adventure Mini-Series.  Some of the mini-series adventures were listed in the book but others were left out.  I am continuing the series this next year and am in the planning stages of fishing for sturgeon, doing some fishing in Virginia, and some more hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  Who knows what is around the next corner!

Where can our readers  buy your book?

You can get the paper back or kindle version of Jonesin’ for Kayak Fishing Adventures off of amazon.com or get other ebook versions from smashwords.com. Don’t want to go searching for it?  Then just head to my website www.spencermjones.com and find it there!
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