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Gerber - Continuing a Proud Legacy

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Many kayak anglers ensure that they always have their Gerber knife on hand when fishing, but in recent years the brand has also become indispensable to many thanks to their other fishing tools.


Sponsored Post: For more than 70 years Gerber has been an American brand that hunters, soldiers and tradesmen could swear by. Although it started out as a knife company and quickly grew to become one of the best in the business, the Gerber brand is also one that has not been afraid to branch out and explore new directions with their products. Since Gerber is a brand that has always preferred to innovate instead of imitate, it is no surprise that a lot of time and research has gone into the creation of their new fishing collection.

Where It All Began


As far back as their inception in 1939, the brand wasn't afraid to tread new ground or to collaborate with custom knife makers to deliver quality products to their customers. Their principles of creating products that combine high-quality materials with innovative designs has remained unchanged over the past 70 years and it is one of the reasons why the brand is still going strong. The company was founded in Portland, Oregon, USA, which is where their products are still designed and engineered to this day. In fact, many of the Gerber products are produced in Portland as well. However, thanks to their growth and success, Gerber now also has a global supply chain that they are able to tap into for an even wider range of gear. Not bad for a company that started out selling handmade cutlery sets.

The Fishing Collection


Gerber approaches every new product range with the same standards of quality and design that have made them a household name for knife owners. Their new fishing collection is no exception. According to Seth Jaramus, Industrial Design Manager at Gerber, the first thing that their Product Management and Industrial Design teams did, was to step back and take a 30k foot view of the market. Their goal was to gain an understanding of exactly what the pain points were that fishermen- and women were experiencing. This resulted in four months of exhausting on-the-water research where they experienced the entire spectrum of angling. It also meant angling everywhere from South Florida, to Astoria, Oregon, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Walker, Minnesota.


The purpose of all this time and effort was to ensure that the team could identify which tools are irreplaceable standards that are found in every fisherman's kit, such as pliers, line nippers, and braided line cutters. A lot of research, field testing and concept development went into ways that existing classic utility could be optimized while also adding additional functions in such a way that they do not interfere with the original intended use. Thanks to their hands-on methods, the team were also able to develop tools that were conceived on the water, inspired by the nuanced annoyances and bigger problems that all anglers experience. Their Industrial Designers could then look at these issues that were severely limiting their ability to catch fish and come up with new concepts to address them. This resulted in the creation of tools with brand new form-factors, such as the Line driver.

The Built-In Design Advantage


One of the reasons why the new fishing collection from Gerber is worth getting excited about is due to the input from their staff. Jaramus calls it their "built-in design advantage" as Gerber boasts a great mix of staff members who spend almost a third of the year fishing as well as people who are totally new to the sport. This has influenced the design of the collection in such a way that it doesn't just meet the demands of serious die-hard anglers. Instead, the products are also intuitive and user-friendly enough that beginners can easily understand how to use them to their advantage on the water. The Gerber team knows that every bit of space in a fishing kayak is valuable, so if they want anglers to add or replace any tools they must give them a very good reason for doing so.

Eyes On The Future


It is always risky for a brand to diversify and branch out in new directions, but Gerber has managed to make the transition from only selling knives to also adding other tools to their roster without compromising their dedication to quality, reliability and innovation. The Gerber name is still backed by a famous lifetime warranty, no matter which one of their products bears it. It would seem that anglers are equally excited by the fishing collection as the product launch at iCast in 2017 was a resounding success. However, the New Product Development team at Gerber is certainly not resting on their laurels as they are continuing to innovate with additions to the fishing product line. These include saltwater-specific tools along with some completely new products.


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