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Wednesday, 24 January 2018 08:11

Seven Close Encounters While Kayak Angling

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While not as dangerous as skydiving, boxing or rock climbing, as far as hobbies go, kayak angling does come with a certain amount of risk. 

There are a lot of things that can be done to decrease this risk and increase your safety out on the water, but the unexpected can still happen. The following ten clips are all good examples of the kind of stuff that can happen when you are kayak fishing. All of these anglers lived to tell the tale and share the videos, but things could have gone very wrong, which is why precautions are so important.

Kayak Angler Almost Run Over By Boat

Boats can be a real danger to kayak anglers, so ensuring that you are visible to them at all times is essential. However, sometimes you get people who are so inconsiderate that not even an air horn can get their attention when they bear straight down on you. This video shows a kayak angler standing up to get the attention of the boat heading in his direction as well as blasting an air horn, but the boat still comes dangerously close to hitting him.

Deep Sea Kayak Angler Fending Off A Shark

Kayak fishing in the ocean is a whole different ballgame from fishing in a lake or a river and comes with its own dangers. For instance, this angler found himself having to fend off an aggressive shark using his paddle for self defense. This is definitely not the best situation to be in when you are all alone with miles of water between you and the shore. Fortunately, the angler was able to prevent the shark from knocking over the kayak, but it was definitely still a terrifying encounter.

Reeling In A Gator Instead Of a Fish

Depending on the type of bait that you are using and the location where you are kayak fishing, you generally have a pretty good idea what you might be catching. However, sometimes what you reel in can be a big surprise and not always a good one as this father and daughter discovered. Instead of picking up their line and seeing a little fish as expected, they instead had a close encounter with a huge gator. Luckily their kayak was equipped with a pedal drive, which allowed the father to make a speedy getaway.

Bumping Into A Brown Snake While Kayak Angling

Sometimes it is not what is in the water that can give you an unwanted close encounter, but what lurks around it. This is what one kayak angler discovered when he ran into a brown snake, one of the deadliest snakes in the world while paddling around in the middle of a lake. Granted, this took place in Australia where pretty much everything is out to kill you, but it is still a good reminder to pay attention to your surroundings when kayak fishing.

Flood Gate Alarm Surprises Kayak Angler

Alarms can be terrifying sounds as they are designed to notify you that something unpleasant is in progress or may happen. They are even more terrifying when you are kayak angling in a dam and an alarm goes off to indicate that the floodgates might open right on top of you. This is exactly what happened to the angler in this video, but fortunately he had the sense to beat a hasty retreat and continue his angling at a safer distance from the wall.

Trying To Outrun The Elements

Lightening is scary enough when you are exposed on land, but when you are out in the water in a kayak with two fishing rods pointing in the air right behind you, it is even worse. The angler in this video learned the hard way how important it is to keep an eye on the weather when you venture out. The footage, which was captured on his GoPro camera, shows his frantic efforts to reach land while lightening crashes down all around him. It is a situation that could have proven fatal for the angler, but fortunately he managed to escape this close encounter unscathed.

When Birds Get Involved

As if it wasn’t bad enough that you have to keep an eye on the water for alligators and on the trees for snakes, it seems that you have to be on the lookout for close encounters from above as well when kayak angling. The angler in this video was surprised to see an Osprey take an interest in his lure and end up hooking itself in the foot. Anyone who has seen an Osprey up close will know that they have formidable talons and can do quite a bit of damage. Fortunately, this angler managed to free the Osprey, which couldn’t have been easy in a kayak. 

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Hmm...the dude swatting at a shark with his paddle...what if the shark grabbed his paddle, snapped it into pieces, etc.? Then what?

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