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Thursday, 12 October 2017 06:23

Interview with Dave Middleton (Basscatlildave)

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We chat with Dave Middleton, or Basscatlildave as our forum members may know him.

For those who frequent the Yakangler forums, Basscatlildave needs no introduction. He is our newest moderator and an avid fisherman.  In this interview, we get to know more about him and what got him into kayak fishing.

What got you into kayak fishing?

I've been a fisherman my whole life. I've always been a bass boat and tournament guy. A coworker of mine picked up a cheap kayak was asking me about offbeat places to explore. I borrowed a kayak and after fishing from it I remembered how much I loved kayak fishing. It was the simplicity that I found to be addicting. 

How often do you go fishing and what is your favorite fishing spot?

Not nearly as much as I want to. I go about 3 times a month. More in spring and summer. My favorite spot is in the Mobile Delta. I just love the slow moving swamp waters. 

Which fish species do you catch most often? 

My primary target species is Bass. In the brackish waters here you can catch a smorgasbord of species. I have caught a Bass a Grinnell and a Red Fish out of the same treetop. 

Which lures do you use?

This is a hard question because I pride myself being very versatile. I fish a lot of jigs and soft plastics in the swamp. I throw spinnerbaits and lipless crankshaft in moving water. I also won't hesitate to chunk a frog on a Lilly pad field or skip a Senko under a dock. 

Which "one that got away" do you regret the most?

I can still see a monster that broke me off. I have caught fish over 10 lbs and she was bigger. I was throwing a 3/4 ounce Red Rattle Trap and she inhaled it. She was so big she couldn't even jump. She just wallowed on the surface and her teeth cut my line.

Which rod and reel do you use most?

Again this is about being versatile. I've been building rods for a long time. Kayak fishing allowed me to make some that I couldn't find. I made a spinning rod with a lot of backbone to horse fish from cover but still have enough tip to skip a trick worm way in the back. The same with my casting set up. Lots of backbone for swimming jigs and frogs but a lite tip to finesse that bait in there. I really love Lews bait casters and Pflueger spinning reels.

What is the most useful tool in your tacklebox?

Not wanting to sound like everyone else but the most important tool in your tacklebox is confidence. You have to believe in what you're using. If you don't, then you will not present it correctly. 

How do you store and transport your kayak? Any rigging tips?

Since I use my affectionately called "fat girl," I haul it and store it on a trailer. The Pro Angler is pretty heavy, so I find a trailer works out best for me. I also usually haul more than one. 

What was the worst weather you ever went fishing in?

The worst weather I ever fished in was a superhard springtime downpour. My buddy was only a kayaks length ahead of me and it was raining so hard at one point I cannot even see him. When we got back to the truck the weather on the radio said Spanishfort got 12 inches of rain that morning. Guess where we were fishing.

What is the best fishing advice you have ever received?

Slow down. When you're fishing slow SLOW DOWN. Be patient and enjoy the outing. 

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