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Thursday, 19 January 2017 07:01

Kayakjak Reaches Yet Another Outrageous Goal in 2016

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Kayakjak Reaches Yet Another Outrageous Goal in 2016 Marty Hughes

Marty Hughes, or Kayakjak as he is known around these parts, is a man with a knack for setting an “outrageous” goal each year. In 2015 he challenged himself to catching 2015 fish, a goal that he actually managed to accomplish thanks to a lot of perseverance. This was a huge personal achievement for Marty as he came up short the two previous years when attempting the same goal. We were curious to discover if the challenge was on again in 2016 and whether Marty was able to continue his winning streak.

According to Marty, 2016 has been an even better year for kayak fishing with his guide service growing to five guides and also making rentals available. His 2015 challenge was made more difficult because of a move across the state of Nebraska from the west to the east. Last year, this decision paid off for the guide service as he reports that they have seen a huge increase in activity thanks to the higher population. His goal of catching 2016 fish was also realized in September already. Of course, living just a mile from one lake and two miles from another fishing destination, probably helped a bit.

Anyone who thinks that Marty rested on his laurels after completing his challenge obviously doesn’t know Kayakjak very well. With only a couple of months left in the year, Marty accepted the challenge when a bunch of his friends proposed that he should double this number. As an extra incentive, his friends also offered funds to help with his Fish-A-Thon fund-raiser for his private school in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most people would have baulked at such a seemingly impossible challenge, but Marty actually managed to catch near 3,000 fish for the year. In fact, if it wasn’t for the ice forming over all the lakes in his area, we are pretty certain he would have hit his target. Even more impressive is the fact that Marty managed this feat despite guiding most of the time and having been out on more than 150 trips for the year!

For those curious about the contents of his impressive haul, here are the full stats:

1126 Crappie

821 Largemouth Bass

478 Green Sunfish

246 Bluegill

121 Channel Catfish

52 Creek Chubs

45 Northern Pike

33 White Perch

15 Bullhead

9 Drum

6 Yellow Perch

5 Striped Bass

5 Walley

4 Smallmouth Bass

2 Red Ear Sunfish

2 Carp

1 Rainbow Trout

1 Flathead

We know for a fact that Marty wasn’t the only one who had a bumper year for fishing in 2016. We’d love to know what were the highs and lows for you guys last year and what the totals were for those of you who kept track of your catches.  We would also like to hear about your goals for 2017!

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