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Monday, 22 March 2010 02:00

The Sultan Of Slime

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Jonathon Herndon aka the “Sultan of Slime” Jonathon Herndon aka the “Sultan of Slime”

I first met Jonathon Herndon a few weeks back at the Lake Harding leg of the Georgia Kayak Fishing Tournament Trail.  The weather tournament day was less than ideal for kayak fishing.  Overcast, rainy, temperatures in the 50’s and water that looked like Nestles chocolate milk!  With the majority of the 50 other participants including myself striking out after a long cold day of fishing; Jonathon aka The Sultan Of Slime rolls up to the weigh in with over 12 fish caught!  It was then that I realized I had to sit down and talk to The Sultan Of Slime....


Jonathon at the Georgia Kayak Tourney weighins

Mark Watanabe (YA)
Hello Jonathon, thanks for speaking to YakAngler, this will be my first Facebook chat Interview so bear with me.

Jonathon Herndon (JH) Take your time

(YA) How long have you been kayak fishing?

(JH) I started kayak fishing in the early 90's from an old town otter.

(YA) Honest opinion, boat or yak and why?

(JH) As a catman I love my boat because I can hold more gear and have more rods out at once. However you can’t beat the yak for positioning yourself in hard to reach places, proven last Saturday on the GFK at Lake Harding.

(YA) Yeah you kicked Team YakAngler's butts!

(JH) Only by a dozen fish or so!


(YA) I noticed at the Lake Harding you didn’t you any electronics, why?

(JH) Those were loaner yaks from a fellow Bass Pro Shops Pro Staffer. But back in the day I never had the funds to pay for expensive sonar on my boats so I learned to read the water very well without them and to this day even in my boat on the pro tour I use it for nothing more than depth.

(YA) Cool

(YA) Do use any specialized gear that other cat fishermen might not be using?

(JH) Just the catfish reaper bait enhancer. It really brings anything you can put on the hook to life!

Catfish Reaper Bait Enhancer

Ahh the catfish reaper, give us the scoop about it.

(JH) It originated from me not being able to throw the cast net from my wheelchair. And in trophy cat fishing fresh bait is key.

(YA) So did you come up with the special recipe yourself?

(JH) Yes I developed a powder that is packed full of all of the amino acids, enzymes and proteins found in most baitfish. This combined with the patented bonding agent drives the cat's wild.

(YA) I'll blame my lack of fish at Lake Harding on me leaving my catfish reaper bait enhancer at the campsite.

(JH) lol ok

(YA) What’s your largest catfish?

(JH) 63 lb Blue Cat

(YA) Picture?

(JH) No that was back in the day

(YA) Wow! Where did you catch it?

(JH) Lake Santee Cooper S.C.

Lake Santee Weigh-in

Do you have a top 5 cat fishing locations?

(JH) My top three would be the Tennessee River lakes in northern Alabama (Pickwick, Wilson and Weaver in that order) for the best catting in the country.  Number four would be the Mississippi river for size. And finally Coosa River in Rome GA for Numbers of quality fish.

(YA) Cool.... no Ohio River?

(JH) Never been that far north cat fishing. We should try it Mark

(YA) I'm down!

(YA) “The sultan of slime” how did this nickname come about?

(JH) You could tell if I was about to have a good weigh in even before the fish were taken out of the live well if I was covered in slime! I can’t stand to land a fish so after I wrestled a limit of big cats into the boat I am covered in slime.

(YA) Cool never thought about that

(YA) So why catfish and not bass?

(JH) Bigger is better!

(YA) I'm with you there, ok so what is your favorite fish species to catch besides catfish?

(JH) Crappie

(JH) My wheelchair and I love the way they taste

(YA) LOL..wow wasn't expecting that, a Crappie is on my list of fish I still need to catch.  I thought you were going to say blue marlin with your bigger is better.

(JH) lol

(YA) If you had fishing bucket list give me your top 2.

(JH) First And make it big enough in pro fishing and be able to run a non profit org for disabled youth to take them fishing.  And second win the Bass Pro Shops Big Cat Quest Championship.

Jonathon at the 2009 Bass Pro Championship

You're a great role model

(YA) Any advice for the aspiring professional catfish angler?

(JH) And make it big enough in pro fishing and be able to run a non profit org for disabled youth to take them fishing # 1
For the aspiring catman I would say time on the water is priceless. Don’t get discouraged as trophy catting is all about the hurry up and wait game. Sometimes all day for that 1 BIG BITE.

(YA) yeah I did allot of that this past weekend minus the Big Bite!

(YA) Ok finally country or rock and roll?

(JH) Hip Hop

(YA) Sweet

(JH) Yeah old school when we had real MC's and not this bubble gum rap. Although after being in the yak for 7 hours when I get out I can do a mean stanky leg


(YA) Ok Jonathon I think I have sucked up enough of your time, thanks for speaking to us.

(JH) Anytime Mark

Once again I would like to thank Jonathon Herndon aka the “Sultan of Slime” for taking the time to Facebook us, if you would like to know more about Jonathon or his Catfish Reaper Bait Enhancer please check out www.sultanofslime.com

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