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Friday, 22 January 2010 01:00

Jim Sammons

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Through the magic of the internet, I got to have a virtual sit down with Jim Sammons, world renowned Big Game Kayak Fisherman and Kayak Fishing Guide. Jim hosts “The Kayak Fishing Show," which airs on WFN. Jim also hosted the movie "Game On". In both his TV show and movie you get a chance to join Jim as he travels the world in search of big game fish from his kayak.

YakAngler (YA) How long have you been fishing?

Jim Sammons (JS) Well I am 47 now and have a picture of me with my first fish when I was 3.


(YA) What got you started kayak fishing?

(JS) I used to fish from my surfboard, when I met my future father in law he introduced me to touring kayaks. I started fishing out of them shortly after that, which was in 1987.


(YA) What kind of yaks do use?

(JS) I currently fish out of the Ocean Kayak Tridents, mostly from the 15 but for some occasions I will jump in the shorter boats. I have been using Ocean Kayak ever since I jumped on a Sit on top kayak and started fishing from them.


(YA) Do you use an electric motor?

(JS) I do have an Ocean Kayak Torque which I like to use from time to time; mostly we use it as a shooting platform for my camera man. He absolutely loves it.


(YA) Do you prefer Salt or Fresh water fishing?

(JS) Well growing up on the Pacific coast saltwater fishing is what I have done the most of; it is pretty hard to beat the pull of a big saltwater fish. Thanks to the making of our movie, Game On, and now our TV show I have had more chances to fish the fresh water and I am learning a lot and really enjoy it. If I had to answer one or the other it would have to be salt though. The fish just get bigger and pull harder.


(YA) What is your most memorable catch?

(JS) Oh there are so many but I guess I would have to say it was my first Marlin from my kayak. I caught it in 1998 off the coast of San Diego and dragged me 8 miles off shore. It was the first Marlin ever caught from a kayak and is still the only one ever caught from a kayak off of California.


(YA) You have fished all over the world, where is your favorite fishing spot?

(JS) Oh now that is a very tough question. I have to say it is pretty hard to beat my own back yard in La Jolla or southern Baja. If we talk about places I have been while shooting the show, for Saltwater I would love to go back to Panama and for freshwater Petawawa was just amazing.


(YA) Do you have any advice for those new to yak fishing.

(JS) Well probably more than I could put here, but a couple things off the top of my head that I preach at all my seminars.

1. Take a class and learn to be a good paddler. Paddling is a skill
that should be learned, if you become a good paddler you will be a better and more confident kayak angler.

2. Start off slow; don't take all your best gear out on the kayak on
your first outings you may find that is does not float.

3. Learn and practice a self rescue, you don't want to fall off your
kayak while miles off shore and realize you don't know how to get back on.


(YA) Tell us about your T.V. Show.

(JS) OK so I pulled this off of our web site

The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons showcases the booming sport of kayak fishing by following world renowned big game kayak angler Jim Sammons of San Diego, California, as he travels to top destinations around North America and shares freshwater and saltwater fishing adventures with other kayak fishing personalities. Every episode is highly informative, features exciting fishing action, and profiles the unique destinations and people involved. The show really is as much about the locations and people we are fishing with as the fishing. We just want to show what is possible from a kayak at every level, fresh or saltwater, and how much fun it is.

I'd like to thank Jim for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview. He is a true ambassador of our growing sport. Check you local listings and catch the excitement of "The Kayak Fishing Show" you won’t be disappointed!  You can find more of Jim's adventures at "Kayak Fishing Game On 2"

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