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- Multi Modulus lightweight graphite popping blanks
- ALPS SS316 Micro Guides for enhanced corrosion resistance; up to 50% lighter than conventional casting guides
- Machined aluminum winding checks
- Spiral Wrapped Technology
- Custom Cork Split Grips
- ALPS Split Grip Reel Seats

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Duce Rods

Sometime around Father’s Day 2015, I eagerly drove to Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, LA to pick up my present. My wife promised me a new fishing reel and I knew exactly what I wanted. I decided I wanted to add a more sensitive/light rod to my line up for soft plastics and I already had it picked out. Little did I know, what I went there to buy was not what I would walk out the door with.

While at the store and with my fishing rod of choice in hand, an employee/friend asked if I had heard of Duce Rods. I replied I had. He then suggested that I pick up a Duce Rod to give it a feel. As I handed him the other rod, he said I should continue holding it to give it a comparison. So, I picked up the Duce Rod while holding the other. Wow! The Duce Rod was significantly lighter and felt so much better. Even still, I wasn’t totally convinced that I wanted to abandon my previous choice. The employee/friend then offered a trial period I couldn’t refuse and so I walked out the door with the Duce. This proved to be an awesome divergence from my original plan.

Hands down the Duce is the lightest and most sensitive fishing rod I have ever used. It was definitely a major change from my stiffer backboned St Croix’s. I was a bit surprised the first time a red hit my lure. The rod doubled over so quick it was a bit shocking. I will say there was a bit of an adjustment that I had to overcome. I found that hook sets needed a little extra mojo as well. However, I wanted a light and sensitive fishing rod and this is what I got in the Duce. It exceeded my expectations! An added benefit was no more sore elbow after a long day with many casts on the water.

However, my full respect for Duce was yet to come. One day, I sight cast what I believed to be an upper slot red. Little did I know, it turned out to be an over 30 pound black drum. You can imagine how that fish doubled the Duce over. I fought it for a very long time and at one point I considered cutting the line because I was unsure if I was even going to be able to get it in the kayak. Every time I would get remotely close, it would peel line as if there was no drag at all. Eventually, I wore the fish down and I was able to catch, photo, and release the beast to fight another day. After that moment, my respect for the Duce product went to a whole new level. That “big ugly” tested my new found fishing rod well beyond its capacity and it came out smelling like a champ.

I have since added another Duce Rod to my line up and plan on adding another for my bait caster. Duce has certainly become my newfound love as far as fishing rods are concerned. If you are in the market for a light/sensitive setup that can handle the “big ones”, I would recommend you pick up a Duce, but beware… you may just walk out of the store with it!

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Waters Fished:
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
30+ times

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Light, Sensitive, Durable

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Duce Rods Redfish
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