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Pelican Catch 120 NXT Kayak
Pelican Kayaks have a solid reputation when it comes to their kayaks and their Pelican Catch 120 NXT is another one that lives up to their high standards. As is evident from the name, this sit-on-top kayak is an evolution of their Catch 120...
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Riot Kayaks Intrigue Angler
The Intrigue Angler is another compact kayak from Riot Kayaks that doesn't skimp on angling specific features. At 10'0" it is far from the biggest kayak on the block, but thanks to a roomy cockpit, it doesn't feel as claustrophobic as other smaller kayaks....
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Riot Kayaks Edge II Angler
With their Edge II Angler, Riot Kayaks promises a "fully outfitted" kayak that is ready to go fishing on day one. It is quite a compact kayak at 10'12" and has a width of only 28" while weighing in at 52.7 lbs. Riot Kayaks...
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Wilderness Systems Wildy Fisher PFD
The Wildy Fisher is a personal flotation device that was designed in a collaboration between Wilderness Systems and Astral. It is an angling specific PFD that is designed for high-back fishing kayaks while also providing anglers with plenty of storage space. ...
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Feelfree Overdrive Lure II Tandem
The Overdrive Lure II Tandem by Feelfree is designed to appeal to anglers who would like to take someone along on their fishing trips. It is a 14'2" tandem kayak that is 36" wide and weighs 114 lbs. This is quite hefty even for...
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Feelfree Corona Angler
The Feelfree Corona Angler is the angling specific edition of what the company calls their "ultimate family" kayak. This means that you get three different seating configurations to choose from, which is nice if you want to introduce your young ones to the world...
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Kayak Fishing Techniques

Fishing Kayak Reviews

Fishing kayak reviews help anglers make educated decisions on what boat might be the best fit for their size and weight or specific fishing environments.

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Kayak Rigging

Clothing Reviews

Extremely important items that often are overlooked, clothing for the kayak fisherman is instrumental in protecting against the sun and cold and keeping you afloat should get into an accident.

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Electronics Reviews

User and editor reviews of all the top electronics in the kayak fishing world. Find out the best Fish Finders, Radios, GPS, Cameras, and more with our comprehensive review database.

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How To Paddling

Paddling Gear Reviews

Paddlers use and abuse their equipment, find out what is the best paddle or what kayak seat is the most comfortable. Reviews of Paddles, Seats, Kayak Carts and more by pros and our community.

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How To Make Lures Rigs

Fishing Gear Reviews

The reason why the majority of us bought our fist kayak was to fish, read the reviews of rods, reels, and other fishing gear so you can me an educated purchase!

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Rods and Reels

Other Reviews

We couldn't categorize all our reviews; here you will find everything else from books and camping gear that the community and staff have put through the paces

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