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Emotion Stealth Pro Angler
In addition to the Stealth 10 Angler and Stealth 11 Angler fishing kayaks, Emotion Kayaks also offer the Stealth Pro Angler for more discerning anglers. While it retails for a bit more than the other two Stealth kayaks, it does come with a couple...
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SUP OnTheFly Streamer Inflatable
Nothing beats a proper kayak, but they aren’t exactly portable. This is where the SUP OnTheFly Stream Inflatable has a huge advantage. This inflatable stand up paddle board can be packed up along with its pumps and bags without exceeding the airline weight and...
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Hala Daze
According to Hala if you want to wrestle in a monster fish then their Daze inflatable stand up paddle board is the one you want to be using. It is a 11'11” board that is 42” wide and 8” thick. The Hala Daze has...
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Imagine Surf  Angler DLX
At 11’ long and 38” wide, the Angler DLX by Imagine Surf makes for a very stable fishing platform. However, what makes this stand up paddle board even more useful is the fact that it is inflatable. That means it is portable enough that...
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Bote HD
The HD from Bote is another stand up paddle board that offers a surprising amount of versatility. Of course, anglers are mostly interested in the type of fishing experience that this board has to offer and in this regard the HD certainly doesn’t disappoint....
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Bote Rover
Anglers in search of the convenience offered by a stand up paddle board as well as the versatility of a kayak should definitely take the Bote Rover into consideration. Bote already has a couple of SUP boards that work great for angling, but the...
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Kayak Fishing Techniques

Fishing Kayak Reviews

Fishing kayak reviews help anglers make educated decisions on what boat might be the best fit for their size and weight or specific fishing environments.

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Kayak Rigging

Clothing Reviews

Extremely important items that often are overlooked, clothing for the kayak fisherman is instrumental in protecting against the sun and cold and keeping you afloat should get into an accident.

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Electronics Reviews

User and editor reviews of all the top electronics in the kayak fishing world. Find out the best Fish Finders, Radios, GPS, Cameras, and more with our comprehensive review database.

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How To Paddling

Paddling Gear Reviews

Paddlers use and abuse their equipment, find out what is the best paddle or what kayak seat is the most comfortable. Reviews of Paddles, Seats, Kayak Carts and more by pros and our community.

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How To Make Lures Rigs

Fishing Gear Reviews

The reason why the majority of us bought our fist kayak was to fish, read the reviews of rods, reels, and other fishing gear so you can me an educated purchase!

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Rods and Reels

Other Reviews

We couldn't categorize all our reviews; here you will find everything else from books and camping gear that the community and staff have put through the paces

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