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Abu Garcia Revo S

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The low-profile Abu Garcia "Revo S" Baitcast Reel is extra comfortable in your hand. A compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic grip. Extremely smooth in operation, the Revo S boasts an eight bearing system which utilizes stainless steel ball bearings for outstanding casting distance. The reel's X2-Cräftic aluminum alloy frame offers increased corrosion resistance, while its Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range. A pitch centrifugal braking system performs at a level you'd expect from this next generation baitcaster. The Revo S Reel's D2 Gear Design provides increased efficiency while improving durability.



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It wont be your last

"Every so often there comes a product that you purchase and after using it, all you want to do is tell everyone how great it is and show it off. The new Revo S by Abu Garcia is just that product.

My new Revo S arrived earlier this week from Bass Pro. As with all reels, they were shipped over lubed in just about every area. After a good bearing flushing, cleaning and lubing back up I was ready to go. Don't be worried about your reel being over lubed. Most if not all reels from the factory are lubed this way as most people will never oil or lube them. Flushing the bearings will give you just a slight better increase in distance at best.

I have several other Abu reels, but never used the Revo S with pitch/centrifugal breaking system. The owners manual was really no help at all. Its the same manual that they put in every Abu reel. Going to their website or a simple You Tube search, will give you all the help you need. After adjusting the spool control knob to the correct setting, I decided on going for distance by turning all 3 pitch brakes off and just two of the magnetic breaks on. After getting it dialed in just right I was having a blast. The Revo comes in a 6.4:1 gear ratio and has 26 inches per turn. The 6.4:1 is a great all around ratio for plastics and jigs. Also this reel has 20 pounds of drag. The Carbon drag system is very smooth and very strong. 8 ball bearings makes this a very smooth reel to operate.

I have this reel paired with my Abu Veritas 7' medium/fast micro guide rod. I am using 30# braid. A lot of times, braid can rob you of distance during a cast, but with a small 2.5" popr, it throws it a mile! I barely have to use my thumb during a cast. I am so impressed with this reel. I have noticed that its somewhat noisier than my other Abu reels during a cast, but I can't see how it affects operation at all. The new Revo S has an upgraded set of D2 gears. I can't tell a difference in smoothness, but I can tell a difference when winching a bass out of the grass. Feels like it has more power and low end torque. The new Revo's come with wider spools and are super low in profile. They also have bent handles and bent drag stars to put your hand in closer to the reel. This reel being so light weight and low profile is a dream to fish with all day. Working a popr all day can get really tiresome with a heavy combo. I fished over 6 hours for 3 days straight using this and feel no fatigue at all.

This reel is super light weight. I have reel grips and a full spool of braid. The reel weighs in at just 7.8 ounces. That paired with my Micro Guide rod at 4.2 ounces gives me an over all weight of 12 ounces for a complete top water rig.

The look of the reel paired with the black and white Veritas rod is just amazing. Make sure you see the pictures of the rig attached.

I have fished this reel very hard so far and have had no issues at all. Abu quality at its finest. I have two Revo STX Gen 2's and honestly have had more fun fishing my Revo S lately that those two. Give this Revo S a shot. If its your first Abu, it wont be your last."

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7-15 times

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Ease of use, Style/Design, Performs well, Value for money, Quality, very light weight, beautiful

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