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WaveSpin "ZTR"

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“Bass Professor” Doug Hannon re-invented the reel with a unique wave spool design, the antithesis of the spinning reel’s smooth face fabrication used for over six decades. Since then WaveSpin’s popularity has spread across the U.S. with thousands upon thousands of “tangle-free” anglers making longer, effortless casts and having more lure time in the water. WaveSpin keeps that trend going with the WaveSpin "ZRT"



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(Updated: April 04, 2014)
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Not a gimmick

I would like to preface this review by disclaiming any experience with high-end spinning tackle. I am cheap; my spinning rods are primarily for windy days and, as is unfortunately now the case, when injuries keep me from effectively fly casting.

Back in the early fall, I needed a new spinning reel for my ultralight outfit, and was intrigued by the concept of the WaveSpin™. The WaveSpin™ reels feature a proprietary spool design from Doug Hannon. A series of waves on the face of the spool are purported to provide “tangle free function.” I usually manage at least one good snarl per trip, so I was excited at the prospect. Additionally, the waves are said to increase casting distance due to reduced friction.

I loaded the ZTR 3000 with a base of 10 lb mono, topped with 15 lb PowerPro, and hit the water. It took a few trips for me to get used to the handle, but once I did, fishing the ZTR was a breeze. Casting distance marginally improved, the drag was more than smooth enough for my purposes, and the reel performed as expected.

However, I noticed that if I didn’t close the bail by hand, loops would form over the top of the spool, approximately 2-5 times per trip. This problem greatly diminished when I upgraded from 15 lb to 20 lb PowerPro. Never did these issues remotely approach those tangles I experienced with my ordinary reel.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, I was also able to test the ZTR’s resilience to saltwater immersion. The reel was under for approximately two hours, after which time I was able to disassemble it, soak it in freshwater, and appropriately apply reel grease and oil. In my daze/clumsy manner, I managed to break off two plastic screw tabs, but fortunately this did not affect performance.

Over two months later, I am happy to report that the ZTR is still functioning the same as when I bought it. The reel is pretty much bombproof, and the spool genuinely seems to reduce a bit of casting distance tangles and add a bit of casting distance. The ZTR 3000 would be a great reel on a backup rod, a “family and friends” rod, or simply on the rod of a budget angler like yours truly. I was pleased with the ZTR to the point that if I were looking for a higher-priced reel, I’d purchase one of its more sophisticated siblings in the WaveSpin™ line.

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  • Small Creeks
  • Large Lakes
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
16-30 times

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ZTR 3000
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