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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 20:38

Citrus Grilled Bluegill

Written by Jim Ryan
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Between my doctor telling me to lay off fried foods and the upcoming ice-fishing season, I thought it was time to share a simple grilled bluegill recipe.

In a mixing bowl, combine the following to make your marinade:
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp lemon pepper
2 tsp cilantro
¼ cup lemon (or lime) juice
Salt to taste
A few dashes of cayenne pepper (optional)

Prepping the filets:
Lightly brush each side of your bluegill (any panfish or white flesh fish will work) with your marinade.
Save excess marinade. Place in refrigerator for at least thirty minutes.

Grilling the filets:
Fire up grill to medium-high. Once it's ready, place foil on the grill and brush the foil with the excess marinade. Place the filets on the foil. Depending on their thickness, they will take 3-5 minutes per side. Flip when the down side is looking white & flaky. I usually pour the remaining marinade over the filets after flipping them.

grilled bluegill

Take off the grill and serve with lemon (or lime) slices and garnish as desired. Enjoy!

About the Author: Longtime angler, relatively new to kayaking. Love the combination of the two. This year has brought the two greatest fishing days of my life. First, on Father's Day, our young son & I went fishing - he caught a 20" channel catfish, a couple of largemouths over 12", and about 15 bluegills. Then in September, my Dad & I took a guided trip at Gavin's Point Dam on the Missouri River. We caught 10 different species that day & shared a special time together on the water. Diverse work experience - college & high school football coach, a high school math teacher, a software developer, and a technology/operations director at a pharmacy. Enjoy family time with wife, two kids, and large extended family. If not working or with family, I like to fish, hunt upland birds, read, cook, follow sports, make artificial lures/flies/jigs, and watch NCIS and reruns of the Spanish Fly. Have a lot of interests, but am not very interesting.

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# DDOlson 2013-12-29 19:54
Question...Do you remove the skin from the fillets?
# Irish Fly 2014-01-05 21:13
Quoting DDOlson:
Question...Do you remove the skin from the fillets?

I do. I've seen folks leave them on & then pull the meat off after they cook. You probably get a little more meat that way, but the presentation isn't quite as nice.
# Aggroman 2014-01-14 18:55
Looks good. Bookmarked the recipe. Thanks.
# islandgeek 2014-03-15 06:48
That looks awesome! :-)
# faulkz 2014-08-13 00:09
My mouth is watering!
# sokyfishing 2015-01-02 21:16
This sounds delicious.

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