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Tuesday, 29 June 2021 11:25

Daiwa Unveils New Smaller Showerblows

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Daiwa recently unveiled their versatile new Ever Green Showerblow SB-77.7 at the Bassmaster Classic.
Designed to offer a smaller topwater package, it is sure to draw the ire of both bigmouths and bronzebacks.
The Showerblow line of pencil poppers is already renowned for its effectiveness, and Ever Green, along with Daiwa, has added the downsized version for even more finesse. While the rest of the line-up has proven very successful at drawing topwater strikes from lunker largemouth bass, the SB-77 makes it easy to pull in bronzebacks too.
The new Showerblow SB-77.7 measures 3.5 inches and is available in eight different colors. This allows you to match them to any forage or water conditions. It features the same built-in tungsten weight transfer system as the rest of the line-up, which increases the casting distance and provides a loud, fish-calling knock on the retrieve. Reaching out to surface-breaking fish or the back of coves with pinpoint accuracy is easy, thanks to Showerblow's unique aerodynamic shape and weight transfer system. Walk-the-dog retrieves are also a breeze due to their pencil-popper shape, and you get an extra splash with every twitch of the rod due to the scooped face. 
Daiwa's Field Marketing Manager, Marc Mills, praised the SB-77.7 and stated that their shorter length makes them ideal for targeting smallmouth bass. He added that it is also great for matching the hatch for bigmouths when smaller forage predominates. Mills also pointed out that the SB-77.7 features premium-quality split rings, super-sharp hooks, and a hand-tied feather tail on the back treble that is irresistible to predators. 
The new Evergreen Showerblow SB-77.7 is available now for an MSRP of $15.99. 
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