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Scott Gartman

Scott Gartman

Scott Gartman is a photographer, filmmaker, and an avid outdoors man. He has been a fisherman for over 25 years with the last 7 on a kayak. His love for the outdoors has always been a focal point for his photography and films. He and his family live in Texas, and are always ready for the next adventure.

My Reviews

Neverlost Utility Leash
"After going through some tests at the house with it and having it on the water three times now, i'm posting my thoughts on it. I have been looking for a better solution for securing my more important gear for a while, and I wasn't real satisfied with the store bought leashes, and my diy ones had their own issues,(mainly me trying to diy). That's why I jump at the chance to try out new products and see if..."
ThruNight "Ti3" Flashlight
"After reading the Waterproof Survival Kit post here on YakAngler, I went through the list of items, and one in particular intrigued me, so I continued to find more info. I already have my own kit with everything, and I always have it with me on the water or land, but my light was a little bulky. So after a ton of research on the Ti3, I ordered one from Amazon for $20. I was blown away at how small..."
Alite "Mayfly Chair"
" For years I drug around those big ol' bulky folding camp chairs so I could have a place to sit my weary rear after a long day on the water. I would also bring it on day trips just to have a place to sit and eat lunch and get a break from my kayak seat. They worked great for what they were for, but again, heavy and bulky. I needed something that was a little easier and lighter...."
Grassy Meadows #1
"It's one of the few places that has a bathroom at the drop in, which can be very helpful. Summer is busy, and summer weekends are a nightmare. The whole area is a no-wake zone, but during the summer months, it will be elbow to elbow boat traffic. Fall, Spring and Winter are the best times to go here with the place pretty much all to yourself."
Pecos River Boat Ramp
"By far the best kayak trip I have ever taken. Plenty of places to explore and hike. The high canyon walls and deep water make for amazing scenery. There are a ton of bass, catfish and many others. My son and I paddled to the Railroad Highbridge. We fished along the way, but was just awe struck with all the things around us. This is one we will continue to come back to. "
Lake Nasworthy Below Floodgates
"Great place to get out and you'll have about 2 miles of fishing. The water hits 8 foot deep most the way with a smooth silt bottom. Most structure and cover will be along the banks in the form of docks, overhangs, and brush. A little work getting the yak down to it but nothing major. The floodgates were opened recently to allow excess water out, but they haven't been opened for 6-7 years prior to that. Lots of bass..."

Latest Articles

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00

Goin' Camping - Watching Your Weight

There are few things in life that get me excited more than the thought of camping - the sights, the sounds, the smells... Ever since I was a very young child, my parents would take me and my brother camping. We usually went four or five times a year, and waited anxiously between campouts. The minute the truck backed into our spot and stopped, we would jump out and cover every inch of whatever state park we were visiting. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015 08:19

Wilderness Systems Expands Their Pro Staff

With the growth of kayak fishing, it's no surprise to hear about Wilderness Systems expanding their Pro Staff for 2015. The Wildly Pro Staff has been beefed up with an additional nineteen kayak anglers representing the company throughout the country in kayak fishing tournaments, kayak shows, and other events specific to the kayak fishing industry.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 12:21

YakAngler Pro Richard Ofner A Top Gun

Regional Pro Richard Ofner is a Hobie Top Gun. Does this mean Hobie is now in the fighter manufacturing business, or maybe Richard will be trading call signs with Iceman and Maverick; no. (We just couldn't resist the Top Gun Head In A Hole.) The Top Gun Educational Program is a group of elite kayak angers from the Hobie fishing team that have been picked because of their contributions to the sport of kayak fishing. It was no surprise we found Richard on this inaugural list. 

Thursday, 05 February 2015 18:16

Marty Hughes And 8 Others Join Bending Branches

Earlier today Bending Branches announced their newest team members for 2015. Marty Huges our long time Pro Team member out of Nebraska and 2014 Kayak Anglers Choice Awards Angler of the Year Joel Abrahamsson were some of the names on Bending Branches impressive list of kayak fishermen. See the below press release for the full list of anglers.

Monday, 19 January 2015 19:27

Jackson Officially Announces The "Coosa HD"

Drew Gregory walked us through the prototype "Coosa HD" at Outdoor Retailer 2014. The well-rounded Coosa HD will give kayak fishermen a little more room and stability, especially when compared to the original "Coosa". See Jackson Kayaks' full press release below.

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

Carrying Your Camera Gear on the Water

I have been a photographer for the last twenty-five years, and a kayaker eight of those. It was inevitable my two passions would come together. This “Tips” article is for those of us who like to bring more than just a point-and-shoot camera along for the ride.

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