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Joe Maione

Joe Maione

Joe Maione is an avid fisherman,  Pro Staff Member at Yakangler.com, and a Team NuCanoe member.  Joe is also a member of the Canoe Kentucky Pro Fishing team and an SHO baits pro staff member.  He is addicted to kayak fishing and spending time with his son and daughter in the outdoors. Joe considers himself a novice writer and photographer.

My Reviews

Review Bullfrog Baits “Lil' Tube"
"Jerebro from Bullfrog Baits posted on YakAngler.com that he was looking for some people to test out his new little tubes, and I was game. I fish a similar small tube in the fall and winter, and was eager to give these a shot; Bullfrog is more local, and they offer some colors not available from the other companies. I shot him a PM and discussed the baits, and gave him my address. A couple of days later a..."
NuCanoe "Frontier 10"
"I Found out NuCanoe was planning a 10 foot model when I worked the Louisville Boat show with Blake. As soon as I saw the plans I knew I would be adding a Frontier 10 to our fleet. My boat arrived in early May and I have had a chance to take it out a handful of times and it has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Stability: With a width of 39" the Frontier 10..."
NuCanoe "Frontier 12"
"This may be more of my personal opinion, as I have not paddled a lot of different fishing kayaks. I started out with an off-the-rack boat from Dick's Sporting Goods that lasted one trip. I had the kayak bug, but definitely needed a better boat. Soon after, I moved up to a Jackson Coosa and really loved the boat! I especially liked it for fishing the creeks where I chase the smallmouth. However it was terrible in the wind..."

Latest Articles

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 00:00

Soft Stick Baits for Big Bass

Soft stick baits - the original was the Yamamoto “Senko” - catch lots of bass. I will give some common rigging techniques, and discuss catching big bass with a stick bait. Using a stick bait during pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn has helped catch some monster bass the past several seasons.

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 20:00

Late December Fishing in Kentucky

December was a tricky month in the Bluegrass State. Big swings in temperature, snow, rain, and wind made kayak fishing tough. Winter is a favorite time for me to fish, for a couple of reasons. It is somewhat of a down time with me for school, and (best of all) there aren't many people on the water.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 15:46

New Seat Bases for the “Frontier” in 2013

As an owner of the 2012 NuCanoe “Frontier”, the one area in need of improvement was the seat base. The great thing about the folks at NuCanoe is the way they listen to their customers. The seat base on the 2013 model is much improved. NuCanoe also made it very easy for 2012 owners to upgrade to the new base.

Monday, 31 December 2012 12:43

A Winter Large Mouth Trip in Kentucky

I had the chance to hit the water yesterday (December 28) and I wasn't going to miss it. Most people think I am crazy going out in freezing temperatures and chasing fish. I absolutely love winter fishing! The action is slow, but I love the challenge and how peaceful it is out on the water this time of the year. Although fishing is tough, the reward this time of year is usually bigger fish.

Sunday, 04 December 2011 17:28

Pass it On – Take a Kid Fishing!

I love to fish!  I was lucky as a young child that my grandfather took the time to take me out and help me learn about the great sport we all love.   As a father the most fun I have on the water is seeing my children enjoy the outdoors and spending time teaching them to fish.  I also run fishing clinics at the school were I teach during the summer and try to introduce as many people as I can to my passion.

Sunday, 27 November 2011 17:45

Going Senko Style!

I just love a Senko style bait and anytime I am fishing it is one bait that I have tied on. Senko’s were designed and first offered to anglers by Gary Yamamoto in 1997 and have been gaining in popularity ever since.   There are many manufacturers who make these types of baits and my favorite is the Yum dinger.   They are cheaper and seem to hold up much longer than the other brands I have tried. I also use some hand poured baits from small hobby lure makers.

Tuesday, 06 September 2011 06:21

Small Water Gem… Right in the City!

I often find myself heading to McNeely Lake for a quick trip especially when the creeks are blown out and I can’t chase the brown fish.  McNeely is a small lake inside the Louisville, Kentucky city limits.  It is often overlooked by bass fisherman because of its small size and motor restriction.  Only electric motors are allowed.  The lake also had a bad shad overpopulation problem back in the 80’s which made bass fishing and pan fishing poor at best.  

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