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Astral YTV PFD

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If you are looking for a personal flotation device that offers mobility and a wide range of use then the Astral YTV is still a worthy contender. It is one of the most affordable entries in the Astral PFD range and great if you enjoy fishing from a stand up paddle board. The YTV is a pullover PFD with a lightweight, but sturdy design. Don’t be fooled by how simple the YTV looks, though, as it has a lot more to offer than what is obvious at first glance.

The YTV makes use of a torso lock design, which ensures that the vest is locked in place right below your rib cage for a comfortable and secure fit. Its pullover design means you can easily take the PFD on or off and it is also completely PVC free. Instead, the YTV makes use of polyethylene foam, which is a much more environmentally friendly solution. The lack of a front-zip opening also cuts down on the weight of this PFD.

If you enjoy angling, but want a PFD that is lean and mean, then the YTV is worth a look. It doesn’t have all the fancy gimmicks like hand warmers, millions of pockets or multiple lash tabs that you’ll find on more expensive offerings, but it definitely delivers in terms of performance. You do still get two decently sized storage pockets and zippered areas to take care of stowing away essentials without weighing yourself down as well as a lash tab. This makes it especially handy for stand up paddle boards where you need plenty of upper mobility. The lightweight and comfortable design of the YTV also makes it an attractive option for any female anglers who are tired of struggling with bulky or restrictive PFDs.

Overall the YTF is very decent, but bear in mind that it is a Type V PFD, so should only be used in relatively calm and safe waters.


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