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Paddlers review all their kayak equipment like RAM mounts, YakAttack accessories, Scotty mounts, dry boxes and more.
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Bending Branches Angler Pro sea green blade
4.9 (10)
May 04, 2013   15159   0   13   0   0
The Bending Branches "Angler Pro" kayak paddle was designed by kayak fishermen to fit the specific needs of kayak anglers. The extremely light weight Angler Pro will allow the angler to fish and paddle without sapping their energy. Available in length from 220 to 240 cm an angler can find the perfect length paddle for even the widest fishing kayak.
YakAttack “BlackPak”
4.1 (9)
March 14, 2013   13854   0   9   0   1
The YakAttack BlackPak crate system is poised to set a new standard in rod, tackle, and gear management on kayaks and standup paddleboards. It ships flat and assembles quickly using common hand tools. The interlocking joint design creates incredible strength, promising many years of trouble-free service. The clean, tactical appearance demands attention and the rapidly developing line of YakAttack BlackPak accessories means there's always another problem solving innovation just around the corner. The YakAttack BlackPak has stations for up to 10 rod holders, each of which can be installed vertically or angled. When 4 or more rod holders are...
Backwater Assault Hand Paddle
4.8 (5)
July 24, 2013   12969   0   3   0   0
The "Assault" Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company is going to make kayak fishing a whole lot easier. It's the perfect paddle when you need to move just a few feet or adjust the position your boat while holding still holding on to your rod. The Assault paddle is a must-have for fishing in windy conditions to keep your boat facing the right direction. It's lightweight and has a slim profile so it's easy to tuck next to your seat or at your feet to keep it handy. The hook is useful for grabbing on to the dock to...
Aqua-Bound "Manta Ray Carbon" Paddle
5.0 (3)
November 05, 2012   11856   0   5   0   1
Aqua-Bound’s “Manta Ray” paddle designs feature a larger blade profile to fit your paddling style. They’re available in three different shaft materials, several ferrule designs, and carbon or fiberglass blades. The multiple options allow paddlers to create combinations that fit both paddling styles and wallets.    
GreenFish “CPR Mount” Camera Mount
0.0 (0)
May 17, 2012   11551   0   1   0   0
I recently had the opportunity to test out the GreenFish “CPR Mount” camera mounting system. After several kayak fishing trips using the CPR Mount, I've put together some thoughts and observations.
"KC-Dolly" Canoe and Kayak Dolly
5.0 (1)
February 29, 2012   10908   0   3   0   0
When parking and the water’s edge are a ways apart, a good dolly makes getting your kayak back and forth much less of a chore. The “KC-Dolly” features pneumatic tires to roll easily over most surfaces, and the lightweight aluminum construction folds up easily for storage in the garage or in your hull hatch.    
YakAttack "VISIcarbon Pro"
4.8 (6)
January 18, 2011   10118   0   8   0   0
Fishing kayaks sit low to the water, and visibility to speeding power boats can be a serious safety concern. YakAttack’s "VISICarbon Pro" incorporates an innovative collapsible 48” tall design into a combination safety flag and white LED light. A 2” SOLAS reflective strips increases visibility, and the whole package folds and stows into the flag for easy storage.    
Hobie "Sidekick Ama Outriggers Kit"
5.0 (1)
August 01, 2011   10070   0   4   0   0
Need a little extra stability in your fishing kayak, the "Hobie Sidekick Ama Outrigger Kit" has what you need. Whether you sail, fish, shoot pictures, dive, or just want to feel a bit more stable when using your fishing kayak, the Hobie Sidekick Ama Outrigger Kit will do it. Light weight and simple to install. This entire kit is a breeze to instal and inflate, a few breaths into the Ama's and they are fully inflated. 
Bending Branches Angler Ace Kayak Paddle
4.2 (6)
July 24, 2013   9790   0   2   0   0
Paddle farther and fish longer with the Bending Branches “Angler Ace” kayak paddle. The Angler Ace comes with Bending Branches signature T-700 carbon shaft with carbon-reinforced nylon blades, making those long hauls offshore or into the wind a breeze for any level of kayak angler.    
Review: Gullwing Paddles
0.0 (0)
April 07, 2011   9447   0   1   0   0
Being a fisherman first and kayaker second I'm always looking for something to make my paddling experience easier. So when I read the slogan of a new paddle company “Why dig when you can glide” they immediately got my attention. A few months ago I managed to get a hold of Arthur Carlow the inventor and designer of the Gullwing kayak paddle. When I expressed my interest in this new design Art immediately sent one out to be put through its paces.
5.0 (2)
May 03, 2013   9444   0   2   0   0
Built with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the Polar Bear “12 Pack” cooler has quality and dependability to last season after season. The specialized open cell foam air trap design will keep ice for 24 hours in 100 degree heat and keep things hot up to 200 degrees for many hours. The leak proof liner, weatherized rubber coated zipper, side pockets, and padded shoulder strap make it the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.
Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler
4.8 (4)
February 15, 2010   9271   0   3   0   0
The YETI "Roadie" line of coolers have set a standard for durability and keeping things colder, longer. Two inches of highly durable polyurethane insulation and gaskets/washers combine to keep heat out and contents cold for days. YETI makes coolers in sizes to fit your need - and it may be the last cooler you ever need to buy.    
Bending Branches Angler Scout
4.8 (4)
September 14, 2013   8594   0   2   0   0
The Bending Branches "Angler Scout" kayak fishing paddle is an entry level paddle, built to take tough knocks and provides beat-it-up durability at a wallet-friendly price. The Scout provides great value, along with qualities you expect from Bending Branches: functional design, light weight and durable construction. Any way you look at it, it's quite a catch. Enjoy having the right blade color for your trip. The Sage Green blade helps you sneak up on the fish, while the Autumn Orange blade is a bright option for any waters.    
87 results - showing 1 - 13  
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