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Kayak Anchor Wizard

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Anchor Wizard
Kayak Anchor Wizard
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Designed to be a complete kayak anchoring system the "Kayak Anchor Wizard" makes anchor management for the kayak fisherman a breeze. With its revolutionary spool design that can contain up to 60 feet of 1/8" anchor line. All the kayak angler needs to do is turn the handle backward to drop their anchor in a free-spool release, with the ability to regulate the speed of the drop by "feathering" the handle back and forth. A simple forward crank of the handle in the clockwise direction will lock the spool and keep you anchored in place while you fish away without fighting the wind or current! Simply crank the spool forward to take up the line until the anchor slides into the flanged nosepiece tube and is safely stowed out of the water and atop your kayak.


kayak anchor wizard on hobie pro angler

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Kayak Anchor Wizard

I finally was able to get out and try the Kayak Anchor Wizard out on a River and small lake adjacent the river. I mounted the Anchor holder on the bow of my Hobie Pro Angler 12, with the crank next to me on the right side gunnel of my kayak, attached to a YakAttack Gear Track.

With an eight pound Mushroom Anchor attached (limit of Anchor Wizard) my bow was plowing through the water deeper than usual. It also seemed I had a little more speed with the PA12 than without the weight.

First use of the Anchor Wizard was after fighting a fish, I dropped the anchor straight down while unhooking and getting myself organized to get back to fishing. With a brisk wind and some current it was nice not having to spend time getting back to my spot from the usual drifting while landing, unhooking, pictures and releasing your catch.

After several occasions of anchoring to either fish, change up lures, or just taking a break, I have come to the conclusion that the Kayak Anchor Wizard is worth every penny. It is convenient, easy to use, and practical for many applications.

I had to get back to my launch by crossing the river and going up stream in some pretty strong current. Before going in I decided to try anchoring in the current to see if the mushroom anchor will hold me in the current. Even with the anchor straight up and down it held my kayak in place. I then put out two rods to simulate back trolling for steelhead. By letting out anchor line I was able to drop back slowly down stream with my lines working back at the depth that I had set. The crank that holds the anchor line was easy to use and worked flawlessly.

I will eventually install a block so I can mount the crank on the stern of my kayak for when I want the bow facing downstream. I highly recommend the Kayak Anchor Wizard for your kayak.

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convenient, YakAttack Friendly,
kayak anchor wizard on hobie pro angler
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