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Malone "Stax Pro" Kayak Carrier

Malone "Stax Pro" Kayak Carrier Hot

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Malone Stax Pro Kayak Rack

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Stax Pro
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The Malone “Stax Pro” universal kayak rack works like a traditional kayak stacker but with cushioned pads to protect you boat. The Stax Pro folds down for better aerodynamics and lower clearance when not in use. If you are looking for a great economical option to transport multiple kayaks the Malone Stax Pro is the kayak rack for you.


  • Universal mounting system
  • Folds down for better aerodynamics
  • Transfers to another vehicle in minutes
  • Totally rust resistant
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Capacity:  80 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  5 x 5 x 20 in
  • Material(s):  Aluminum and Nylon
  • Made in:  USA


Chris Malone Stax Pro

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4.5  (2)
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Inexpensive way to carry multiple boats.

Silly me. I bought two new kayaks and didn't have a good way to carry them. The most inexpensive option was the Malone Stax Pro. The Stax Pro works great with factory racks. I've used it on my Nissan Quest minivan and Subaru Outback. Eventually I'd like to get a J cradle system for a more solid attachment but for short trips the Stax Pro works great.

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Waters Fished:
  • Large Lakes
  • Small Ponds
16-30 times

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Not as solid as a J cradle
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(Updated: June 08, 2013)

Malone Stax Pro Folding Kayak Carrier

Since I travel a lot with multiple kayaks, I was in need of a good roof rack system that would hold multiple kayaks. I looked at “J” hook systems but the configuration of my truck would not allow the capacity that I needed. The Stax Pro series allows me to carry kayaks on their side and with two assemblies; I can carry up to four boats on top of my Tacoma.

I was waiting till I put some miles on my rig before I wrote a review and have had several loading/unloading experiences with multiple boats up until last week. I have loaded our Jackson Coosa, Cuda 14, Big Tuna and SUPerFISHal on them. Last week was the truest test of all, loading up a couple kayaks and driving over 600 miles one way. After the trip I had 1400 miles worth of back road to highway miles at speeds up to 75mph ( or maybe a touch more).

I am very pleased with the system so far. The Stax Pro system comes with bow and stern ropes, lashing straps and a safety strap for the middle of the kayaks (for the Pro 2). It also comes with foam blocks to cushion your kayak on the roof rack. All hardware that is needed is included but I added 80mm bolts to mine because the 60 and 70mm were just barely long enough for my industrial sized rack.

Getting the kayak up on its side takes a little learning curve. The outside boat is not an issue, the inside one is a different story. I found cutting a piece of PVC pipe to slide the boat over the rack from the back of the truck helps a bit. Also helpful is a small two step ladder that I keep in the truck. This works well for adjusting the kayaks and final strapping down.

One reason I liked the Stax Pro system is the fact that it folds down when not in use. It would be easy enough to just remove it but I use my rack several times a week when I have off days. We do a lot of fishing and recreational paddling but also are privileged to help new paddlers and special needs groups out on the water. This means it is not unusual to see the roof rack and my small trailer loaded to the gills with kayaks.

The Malone Company has been great to deal with as I have been building up my kayak support vehicle. I love the fact that their products are American made and they are strong enough for serious use. If you are in the market for a system to carry two or more kayaks, the Malone Stax Pro has everything you need for one kayak while the Stax Pro 2 can carry two kayaks side by side. If your roof and rack system can support the weight, a little creative assembling can equip you to carry a whole fleet.

Chris Malone Stax Pro
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