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Tackle Webs are your custom solution to fishing tackle management using bungee or Velcro attachment points, Tackle Webs can be mounted virtually anywhere. Perfect for kayak anglers who need to utilize every square inch of their cockpit to organize their gear, Tackle Webs are made from thick UV resistant nylon materials with thick double stitching. Clear your deck for battle!


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • U/V rated Marine fabric
  • Bungee or Velcro attachment
  • Custom Kayak Kits Avaliable




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(Updated: May 20, 2013)

TackleWebs: A Hobie Vantage Seat Must-Have

Once in a while a product gets in to my hands that I want to shout about it from the rooftops. It’s hard to trust all the products you hear about in the fishing industry because there may be alternative motives at hand from those promoting them. This is a product I consider a must have on my Hobie Vantage Seat and it only makes your life easier. I can’t promise you will catch more fish or you will be less likely to get sunburned without it, but it’s a solid product. The product I am referring to is called TackleWebs, specifically on the new Hobie Vantage Seat on the Pro Angler models. Recently getting in to a Hobie Pro Angler 12, I have actively been searching for downfalls in this boat and can only find two so far, the weight of the boat and the lack of additional tackle and accessory storage. The weight is the compromise you make for near perfection, so take it or leave it.

The TackleWebs kit that owner Captain Mike Ortego put in my hands consists of two side webs (I like to call them my holsters) and a large 16”x12” web (model TW16), for under or behind seat. The side bags will soon be released and sell as a set (www.TackleWebs.com).

The Holsters (Hobie Vantage Seat Side Webs):
The holsters will fit a standard Plano StowAway 3600 size tackle box that comes with the Hobie Pro Angler for the center hatch storage system. They latch on to the side of the seat using a simple four bungee cord system and are easily removable. I have found myself storing a Plano box on one side with my pliers in a sheath hooked on. On the other side I like to store a few bags of soft plastics that I need to frequently access.

These bags quickly double your tackle tray storage in an instant with a very clean look, matching the color and fabric on the Vantage Seat. Another solution these bags offer is rod butt support. On some older Hobie Pro Angler models, they came with molded in rod butt holders for the internal rod holders. I found that I can take the bungee from the side handles and affix it to one of the bungee balls on the TackleWeb to support my rod handles and keep them from banging around on the deck of my PA.

Under/Behind Seat 16” x 12” TackleWeb:
When fishing skinny water I like to stand and pole around, the Vantage Seat allows me to flip up the bottom and use the seat as a backrest while poling around. Hobie provides the option to store two large 3700 series StowAway Plano boxes under the seat with the option to strap in securely. I have decided to secure the 16”x12” web under the seat which can hold one large 3700 series Plano box and some extras. I have also utilized the extra two grommets on the web to fasten a soft plastic organizer to, this allows me to flip it out and fan through my soft plastics while still sitting down and then tuck it back in to the bag. Since the web mounts under the seat, I can now flip up the seat when I want to stand and it eliminates the need to re-position whatever I had stored under the seat. The webs do not interfere with the adjustment system on the Vantage seat. The same size web can mount on to the back of the Vantage seat in front or behind the Boa lumbar system.

If you have an older model PA, they make other TackleWebs that mount using hook and loop or snap on technology. They also have a TackleWeb system the mounts to the underside of the bow hatch via hook and loop to keep your most prized possessions nice and dry. There are TackleWebs for other Hobie and non-Hobie models. Be sure to check them out on facebook or on their website www.TackleWebs.com tell them I sent you!

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