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Neverlost Utility Leash

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Neverlost Utility Leash

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Utility Leash
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Our popular rod/paddle leash is now available in a shorter version for your favorite outdoor tools. Each unit is built from the same materials as our rod leash so you know you are getting another great product. Each utility leash extends over 4 feet and comes with 2 metal carabiners and one velcro strap.

​Approximate length when coiled, 9.5 inches (coil loop to loop)
​Approximate weight 1.5 oz



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Neverlost Utility Leash

After going through some tests at the house with it and having it on the water three times now, i'm posting my thoughts on it.

I have been looking for a better solution for securing my more important gear for a while, and I wasn't real satisfied with the store bought leashes, and my diy ones had their own issues,(mainly me trying to diy). That's why I jump at the chance to try out new products and see if they will work for what I need. My perspective is a little different than most, since I carry a ton of photo and video gear on most my outings and fishing adventures. Pelican cases, dry boxes, tripod, etc. Why? Why not! :)

For me, this is about securing more than just a pair of $7 fish grips, I need something that can handle my important gear, so i've been putting it through the ringer. I tested it as it came, not adding anything to it. On my second test, and with my Nikon inside my medium Pelican case, I knocked it out of the yak a few times, pulled it in, did it a few more times, then let it hang behind the yak as I paddled. (had my son paddling behind me, just in case).

It held up with no issues. There wasn't any slipping with the velcro, and it retained it's "recoil", even after being straighten out for a good 30 yards of hard paddling, dragging behind the yak. Again, this was to test how it will hold up if I flip, get caught in a rapid, accidentally knock it out.

I like the overall look and really like the length. Most leashes are way too long and too much excess cord for my uses, that gets tangled up when I have 2-3 things needed to be secured individually in the back of my yak. I know my reasons are different than a lot of folks, but whether it's a 2 hour fishing trip or a 2 day yak camp trip, i'm going to have my photo/video gear and I need the security to know it's going to stay with me. Sure I could just tie rope, done that before, but I like the stretch and the ease of use. I probably will replace the velcro for carabiners on the bigger items, but wasn't a problem with the smaller items.

My perspective, my opinion. But I like them so far. Nice job chatterx.


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Waters Fished:
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2-6 times

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Great length, strong, well built, lots of colors
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