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Review: Skwoosh’s “Big Catch”

Review: Skwoosh’s “Big Catch” Hot

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Review: Skwoosh’s “Big Catch”

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Big Catch Seat
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Kayak seats are the key to all-day paddling comfort. Skwoosh has a history of adapting their gel pad technology to new applications, and they’ve made great strides into the kayak seat market. Their “Big Catch” seat has gone through several incarnations, incorporating direct input from kayak anglers who spent lots of time with their seats in the seat. High back design, adjustable lumbar support, and several angler-friendly features make the Big Catch worth a look!




  • TekPad® Fluidized Gel - Pressure relieving, customized, comfortable seating
  • Air-Flo3D™ Fabric - Cool, breathable fabric
  • Low Profile - Designed for better stability and performance
  • Comfortable - 20" padded back rest with adjustable side wings for support
  • Reinforced Back - 2 fiberglass battens gives additional strength to seatback
  • Attaching Points - 4 adjustable attaching straps with corrosion resistant hardware


  • Weight: 4 Lb
  • Dimensions: 13"(length) x 16"(width) x 1"(height)
  • Seat Back Height: 20"H

Editor review


Skwoosh's "Big Catch" kayak seat

There are very few accessories for your kayak that you'll use more during a day of fishing than your seat, and probably none that will contribute more to your comfort while you're on the water. I have low back problems, so after a bit of sitting with my legs out, I generally need to get into shallow water and on my feet for a while. I've tried several seats with “traditional” cushions, and always wind up shifting my weight every few minutes to eliminate the “pressure points” under my sitz bones. I was looking for a solution to the problem, and I found Skwoosh.

Skwoosh is a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in adapting gel-pad technology to many different seating and other cushioning needs. They’ve mated the concept to kayak seats, utilizing gel pads instead of cushions in the “sit-on” portion. My first encounter with an earlier Skwoosh seat was good, but not entirely satisfying. When I was discussing Skwoosh with Chip Gibson last year in Cedar Key, we found we both had the same seat – and the same areas for improvement. We made a joint reach-out for the development folks at Skwoosh and told them what we were thinking. They’ve listened!

The newest and top-of-the-line product in the Skwoosh kayak seat lineup is the “Big Catch” – and it’s a work in progress. The base of the product – literally – is the new and improved gel cushion design. The gel pads are only a little bit larger and a little bit thicker, but for both me and Chip that makes all the difference in the world. This seat is not designed to cushion, but to support and provide a seating posture that will reduce or eliminate low back and leg discomfort and allow you to remain comfortable for extended periods of time. They've eliminated any pressure point issues, even when seated in the kayak for hours without a break. There’s no more shifting from cheek to cheek, or pushing up off the deck to restore feeling or circulation. The 20” tall back looks huge, but the long fiberglass battens provide outstanding support well up past where shorter seat back designs quit. The clips on the straps can also be attached to the seat bottom to form a satisfactory camp chair configuration.

The Big Catch also has a lumbar support that can be adjusted up or down on the seat back. When I first saw the support I thought, “It’s too big, and in the wrong spot.” However, I listened to the advice of “Dr. Brad”, Skwoosh’s resident chiropractor, and placed the support so it was 1” above my belt. After several long days of fishing in the seat, I can’t imagine kayaking in a seat without a lumbar support. Yes, it’s that good, especially for the guy who has back issues.

Another feature of the Big Catch is the AirFlo3D breathable fabric seat bottom. I’ve only been on the seat in waders so far, but I’m sure as the weather warms up the fabric will be more comfortable than a solid plastic or Cordura design. One caveat – with all its holes, the fabric looks like a hook magnet. I tried dragging a plug across the seat a few times, and much to my surprise the trebles did not snag.

The current incarnation of the seat has a set of rod holders, one on either side of the seat back. Neither Chip nor I cared for them, but that’s not unique to Skwoosh. I’ve found that most seat-mounted rod holders allow the rods to flop around when the kayak rolls back and forth. Of more concern is that they seem to put a set of trebles right at triceps or shoulder blade level when a plug is in the rod’s hook holder.

There are some other features on the Big Catch that may be in flux. Some of the seat-mounted tackle storage options may be changing form and function, and we’re hoping for a place to attach a Fish Grip, pliers, nippers, etc. and keep them secure and out of the way until needed. There are sure to be a few of the seats at the upcoming Boondoggle in Chokoloskee, FL, and reps from Skwoosh will be on hand for direct feedback. You won’t find many other companies so proactive in making sure the end users get what they want and need in a product.

Regardless of what changes are made to the bells and whistles, the bottom line for me and Chip is that Skwoosh has a solid player in the Big Catch. It’s well-designed, and made in the U.S.A by a company that cares what their customers think. A few minor tweaks, and the Big Catch will be a big winner in the competition for comfort and function in the sit-on-top kayak seat arena.

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Lumbar support and high back; gel seat cushion
Rod holders aren't much use
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