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Review: Hobie Outriggers

Review: Hobie Outriggers Hot

August 01, 2011  
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I purchased my Hobie revolution this past winter from another kayak fisherman. At the time we closed the deal he offered me the outriggers, my answer was: What do you need them for? He explained that he often brought his dog out on the kayak trips but every time the dog moved the kayak would abruptly dip to one side. The solution…

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The Hobie outriggers, while I didn’t plan to bring a dog with me (heck I don’t even have a dog) I thought it was a great idea for a new kayak angler like myself to have more stability while out on the water! Call it a confidence booster because it was exactly how it worked for me.

Easy to install and setup, it has 3 positions on the water.

hobie outrigger down position

1-All the way down, the most resistance and support.

hobie outrigger middle position

2-Half way down, the setting use most.

hobie outrigger up position

3-All the way up, this position will not touch the water unless your kayak dips sharply to either side, I use this position when I’m heading back and I have tide/wind working against me.

These outriggers will add drag to your kayak but it’s never an issue while you after fish and you can always change to the highest position. It also feels good to be able to stand up and fish, this is also where I can see an experienced kayaker taking advantage of the extra stability and sight fish!


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About the Author: Andre Moraes is new to kayak fishing but not so new to fishing.A avid shore/surf caster that got tired of the old skunk.Now he goes where the fish is!

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