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Reviews of all the top canoe and kayak paddles on the market from manufacturers like Bending Branches, Werner, Carlisle, and Aquabound used by kayak fishermen.
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Bending Branches Angler Pro sea green blade
4.9 (10)
May 04, 2013   15133   0   13   0   0
The Bending Branches "Angler Pro" kayak paddle was designed by kayak fishermen to fit the specific needs of kayak anglers. The extremely light weight Angler Pro will allow the angler to fish and paddle without sapping their energy. Available in length from 220 to 240 cm an angler can find the perfect length paddle for even the widest fishing kayak.
Backwater Assault Hand Paddle
4.8 (5)
July 24, 2013   12954   0   3   0   0
The "Assault" Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company is going to make kayak fishing a whole lot easier. It's the perfect paddle when you need to move just a few feet or adjust the position your boat while holding still holding on to your rod. The Assault paddle is a must-have for fishing in windy conditions to keep your boat facing the right direction. It's lightweight and has a slim profile so it's easy to tuck next to your seat or at your feet to keep it handy. The hook is useful for grabbing on to the dock to...
Aqua-Bound "Manta Ray Carbon" Paddle
5.0 (3)
November 05, 2012   11835   0   5   0   1
Aqua-Bound’s “Manta Ray” paddle designs feature a larger blade profile to fit your paddling style. They’re available in three different shaft materials, several ferrule designs, and carbon or fiberglass blades. The multiple options allow paddlers to create combinations that fit both paddling styles and wallets.    
Bending Branches Angler Ace Kayak Paddle
4.2 (6)
July 24, 2013   9773   0   2   0   0
Paddle farther and fish longer with the Bending Branches “Angler Ace” kayak paddle. The Angler Ace comes with Bending Branches signature T-700 carbon shaft with carbon-reinforced nylon blades, making those long hauls offshore or into the wind a breeze for any level of kayak angler.    
Review: Gullwing Paddles
0.0 (0)
April 07, 2011   9430   0   1   0   0
Being a fisherman first and kayaker second I'm always looking for something to make my paddling experience easier. So when I read the slogan of a new paddle company “Why dig when you can glide” they immediately got my attention. A few months ago I managed to get a hold of Arthur Carlow the inventor and designer of the Gullwing kayak paddle. When I expressed my interest in this new design Art immediately sent one out to be put through its paces.
Bending Branches Angler Scout
4.8 (4)
September 14, 2013   8576   0   2   0   0
The Bending Branches "Angler Scout" kayak fishing paddle is an entry level paddle, built to take tough knocks and provides beat-it-up durability at a wallet-friendly price. The Scout provides great value, along with qualities you expect from Bending Branches: functional design, light weight and durable construction. Any way you look at it, it's quite a catch. Enjoy having the right blade color for your trip. The Sage Green blade helps you sneak up on the fish, while the Autumn Orange blade is a bright option for any waters.    
bending branches navigator paddle
5.0 (1)
April 23, 2013   7173   0   6   0   1
The Bending Branches “Navigator” is a lightweight composite paddle, with a T-700 carbon fiber shaft and rich-looking black willow wood blades. The blade tip and leading edge are protected with Bending Branches’ proprietary “Rockguard”, which resists nicks and chips. The wood blades are fiberglass reinforced for strength and durability. The Navigator is available in 210-240 cm lengths.
Bending Branches Angler Classic
4.0 (5)
September 14, 2013   7135   0   1   0   0
Kayak fishing can be an addictive pastime. It sneaks up on you quietly, then completely hooks you. But getting there should be at least half the fun, and the Bending Branches "Angler Classic" Kayak Paddle is a first-class way to get there. A face-lift for the previous Slice Angler and a step-up from entry level paddles, the Angler Classic is slightly lighter, but with classic Branches strength and style. With features like a tape measure on the shaft and a hook retrieval built right into the blade, the benefits are more than efficiency and convenience. Bringing together classic Bending...
Werner Shuna Hooked
5.0 (4)
November 05, 2013   6762   0   1   0   0
The Werner "Shuna Hooked" Fiberglass Kayak Paddle is a great new angling paddle. The best angling paddle is of course the best paddling paddle and the Shuna is one of Werner's most popular high angle paddles. It's powerful yet light and durable and great for active or relaxed paddling. The mid-sized blades fit a wide range of kayakers and are versatile and easy to use during advanced maneuvers or all around touring. Werner's Smart-View Adjustable Ferrule System makes feathering adjustments a breeze.
Werner Tybee Hooked
4.6 (5)
November 05, 2013   5974   0   3   0   0
The Werner "Tybee Hooked" Kayak Paddle is a great new kayak fishing paddle. The best angling paddle is of course the best paddling paddle and the Tybee Hooked is a great value for a performance paddle that is suited well to paddlers who enjoy a faster cadence in their paddling stroke. The fiberglass reinforced nylon blades are durable and light weight and the shaft comes with the adjustable ferrule system.    
Accent Pro Core Paddle
5.0 (1)
May 14, 2014   5621   0   1   0   0
The Accent "Pro Core" Paddle is the lightest paddle on the market to date weighing in at 24 oz. The light weight and stiff blade give the kayak angler longer distances with less fatigue. The LokTite Feathering system allows 360 degree at 15 degree increments. The Pro Core begins with a high density solid foam core. The core is then layered in carbon and fiberglass. Accent uses Dynel edging to ensure maximum outer rim reinforcement. A rib-less back provides silent water displacement making this paddle the ultimate in technology, efficiency and performance.. ...
Werner Camano Hooked
5.0 (3)
November 05, 2013   5463   0   5   0   0
The Werner "Camano Hooked" Paddle is a great new angling paddle. The best angling paddle is of course the best paddling paddle and the Camano provides the perfect combination for paddlers who want gentle power and use a relaxed all around touring stroke. The Camano Hooked features the award winning Low Angle mid-sized blade design and offers the best balance of light swing weight, durability and performance.
Werner Fiji Stand Up Paddle
4.0 (1)
March 03, 2013   5123   0   5   0   0
Stand-up boards (SUPs) are becoming more popular for paddle anglers, and choice of paddle is a serious decision. The Werner “Fiji” SUP paddle strikes a great balance between function and cost. The shaft length adjusts to fit your height and paddling style. The Fiji is available in one, two, or three-piece styles and three lengths.    
28 results - showing 1 - 13  
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