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Airheadsup Bonefish 1132 iSUP

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Airheadsup Bonefish 1132 iSUP

Paddle Board Make & Model

Airhead SUP
Bonefish 1132
MSRP ($):

The Bonefish 1132 iSUP is one of the two fishing stand up paddle boards by Airheadsup and definitely the sportier looking one at that. It has the stability you need when fishing, but also offers plenty of speed, which makes it more versatile than the Bonefish 1138 that comes with sponsons. The lack of sponsons also means that the board weighs considerably less. In fact, it is 26 lbs. in comparison to the 41 lbs of the of the Bonefish 1138. In terms of dimensions the two boards are very similar and the Bonefish 1132 measures in at 11'6” x 32” x 6”.

Apart from the lack of sponsons, the Bonefish 1132 is very similar to the 1138, which is definitely not a bad thing.
It means that you get four integrated mount pads that have been strategically placed on the board to accept up to four fishing rod racks. These mount pads can also be used for attaching an airhead SUP fishing rack as well as a Bucket Rack. It also comes with the two smaller accessory mounts that can be used to secure small rod holders or other accessories. Providing further versatility when it comes to storage is ten stainless steel D-rings and two stretch tie-downs.

To complement the sporty look of the Bonefish 1132 it has a classic teak look EVA decking, which not only looks great, but also gives you better footing. The lighter weight of this paddle board makes it easy to carry and even when it is fully loaded with gear you can use the fore and aft molded handles to get the job done. Everything short of a paddle is included in the package, so you get a mesh backpack, board strap, repair kit, valve wrench, pressure gauges and a hi pressure hand pump. Of course, the board also comes with two 6” removable fins and a 9” removable fin.

If you prefer extra stability to wrestle with larger fish then go for the Bonefish 1138, but if you are looking for something a little lighter and faster then the Bonefish 1132 won’t disappoint.


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