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Bote Rover

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Anglers in search of the convenience offered by a stand up paddle board as well as the versatility of a kayak should definitely take the Bote Rover into consideration. Bote already has a couple of SUP boards that work great for angling, but the Rover has the most potential when it comes to modifying it to match your own personal preferences. Despite its versatility, anglers need not worry as was still designed as a fishing specific board, so it comes with everything you need to reel in some big ones out on the water.

What sets Rover apart from the other boards in the Bote lineup is how much farther it can take you and how much faster it can do so. It features a channeled, Deep V-nose design, which means it is able to slice through water very efficiently and make the task of paddling much easier no matter what type of water conditions you are dealing with. Rover also features a modular Rac Receiver System, so you can easily choose the type of configuration you want without the need for any special tools. All you have to do is slide the Rac of your choice into the receiver on the Rover and you are good to go. Only one Rac is included with the Rover, the Moto Rac, but the Grab Rac, Bucket Rac and Tackle Rac are available for sale separately.

The Moto Rac is what gives the Rover its speed and distance capabilities as it enables you to transform the stand up paddle board into what is basically a microskiff. The Moto Rac is made from marine grade aluminum and adds four pounds to the weight of your board. In addition to transforming your board from paddle powered to motor powered, the Rac also features two slotted fishing rod holders and two one gallon Rotopax mounts. The Rover also has ConnexSUP plugs installed throughout its deck, so you are able to connect everything from your fish finder and cooler to straps, cameras and much more with ease.

According to Bote, The Rover is the most stable board that they’ve ever created and it comes with a capacity of up to 500 lbs. Thanks to its sunken cockpit it has a lower center of gravity and its thick rails also improves stability. Durability is not an issue either as the Rover features a Honeycore construction that is foam filled and basically unsinkable. By adding a Bucket Rac, which is available separately, you gain additional rod holders as well as a KULA 5 cooler that can be used as a seat for added comfort.

There’s not a lot of downsides to the Rover, but bear in mind that if you do motorize it you will also have to register it. Bote has made it easier to do so by including all the necessary paperwork, but it is still worth keeping in mind. It’s also not the cheapest option for a SUP fishing paddle board, and at 105 lbs not the lightest either, but it is hard to argue with the results.


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