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ISLE Voyager

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If you love angling, but would also like to use your stand up paddle board for touring, then ISLE has the answer in the form of their Voyager board. This paddle board was designed for long expeditions and coastal cruises, but also makes for a great fishing platform when you have the urge to do a bit of angling. The Voyager is available in three different board designs and you have the choice between a 10'6” board or a 11'6” board. The shorter of the two boards weigh 28 lbs and has a capacity of 275 lbs, while the larger one weighs 31 lbs and can safely accommodate 325 lbs.

At the front of this board ISLE has installed a custom FCS compatible plug, which makes it easy to mount a GoPro camera for capturing all your best catches. The Voyager also features a front bungee system where you can safely store your gear and have quick access to everything. This board also features the ISLE patented LIFT SUP pop-out carry handle. This flush handle has a slide out grip that is comfortable, but tough enough that it can also be used to attach a cable lock. In terms of comfort, it is hard to beat the soft brushed EVA traction pad of the Voyager.

The ISLE Voyager is not just a good looking board, but also one that tracks well and offers excellent stability. Turning the board is a little trickier, but becomes easier with practice. Although there are better stand up paddle boards out there that are designed exclusively for angling, the ISLE Voyager is great for anyone looking for something with a bit more versatility.


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