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NRS "Osprey" Fishing Inflatable SUP Board

NRS "Osprey" Fishing Inflatable SUP Board Hot

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NRS "Osprey" Fishing Inflatable SUP Board

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Our top pick for a inflatable stand up paddle board from NRS in terms of fishing would definitely be the Heron, but that doesn’t mean the Osprey should be disregarded. While it lacks the side running tubes that makes the Heron so stable, the Osprey actually packs most of the other features while still coming in at a lower price point. It is also an 11” board, but makes up for the absence of the side running tubes by being a full six inch drop-stitched board compared to the five inches of the Heron. The Heron also has a bit of an advantage when it comes to maneuverability, so you’ll find it a board that can be turned quicker than its more expensive stable mate. For this reason the Osprey might even be a little more appealing to anglers who are more experienced at using a stand up paddle board and don’t need the additional stability of the Heron to feel comfortable.

The Osprey isn’t a slouch when it comes to stability either as it is still a 34” wide board. It can also be inflated up to 20 psi to deliver performance that is comparable to hard boards. NRS uses proprietary technology on the Osprey, called Axis, which is an acrylic stiffening agent. What it does is enhance the stiffness as well as performance of the board, but without increasing its weight or compromising its ability to be rolled up. Just like the Heron, the Osprey has interchangeable fins that allow for a custom setup and thanks to their ABS plastic construction they will absorb impacts instead of breaking.

For accessories and storage the Osprey comes equipped with three accessory mounts along with six stainless D-rings. Additional bungee deck rigging can be found at the front of the board as well as the back. Sturdy webbing handles can be found in the center and bow of the board and it also has a Leafield C7 inflation/deflation valve.

While the Heron has the edge in rough waters or out on the ocean, the Osprey is definitely a serious contender in its own right and the lower price makes it even more appealing.


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