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Werner Camano Paddle

Paddle Make & Model

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The Werner "Camano" features their most popular, award winning, Low Angle mid-sized blade design. Providing the perfect combination for paddlers who want gentle power and use a relaxed all around touring stroke. The Camano offers the best balance of light swing weight, durability and performance.


  • Award winning mid-size blades design offers gentle power and a smooth easy stroke
  • Advanced dihedral blade design creates stable forward strokes
  • Light swing weight reduces fatigue
  • Werner's most popular all around design


  • Blade Size: 52 x 16cm
  • Lengths Available: 230 - 260cm
  • Weight: 28oz




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4.0  (1)
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You get what you pay for

So I ordered my Werner Camano the other day while REI was having their annual sale. It didn't come in until late evening and unfortunately I had to work the next day on a 24hr shift. Needless to say, when I got out on the lake for some fishing, I was more excited about the paddle than catching a fish.

I couldn't start out as early as I would have liked due to not getting off this morning until 7am. The water was still like glass though.

The Werner Camano was everything I thought it would be from the moment the UPS handed me the package. He was having trouble finding my package so I pointed it out to him. It's pretty easy to tell what type of box a paddle would ship in. The first thing he said, which should probably be in quotations on Werner's website was, "man, this thing doesn't way anything". I replied with, "that's good! That was the idea!". The 11 or so ounce difference between my old paddle and this new one is more significant than you would really think.

So once I was on the water I booted up the Navionics App to get an idea of how fast I could go with little effort in comparison to my old Carlisle paddle. Averaged about 3mph with a relaxed stroke and 3.5-4mph if I was really trying to get somewhere. The dihedral blades with a low angle profile really sliced through the water. You could hardly tell that you were pulling water and propelling almost 250lbs.

The blades were also thinner than the Carlisle and made less noise when entering the water. The 15 increment ferrule system was flawless. Also, the paddle made a "pop" noise (such as opening a bottle of champagne) when pulling the paddles apart, showing just how tight and exact this thing is made. I didn't even notice until I really began paddling that the shaft is not perfectly cylindrical. They have a slightly oblong shape. This really helped me keep my hand in the right place which in turn kept the paddle at the right angle.

The only downside is the price. Of course, I got mine on sale which lightened the load. The paddle is the most important aspect other than your boat. I can make this analogy, farmers do not use a mule and plow anymore to plant their fields. Now there are tractors for hundreds of thousands of dollars that do the exact same job. However, they get it done with a lot less effort, in a lot less time.

Normally after fishing all day and paddling around with no bites I would be sore in my shoulders and a little frustrated. Today was the first time I could continuously paddle and get wherever I was going without taking a break. There are only a few products in kayak fishing that I would swear by. One is the Jackson Cuda and another is now the Werner Camano.

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Waters Fished:
  • Large Rivers
  • Small Creeks
  • Large Lakes
2-6 times

Pros & Cons

Lightweight, Excellent Construction, 15degree Ferrule Increments
Price Tag
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