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  • Five Yak Angling Watches Worth Your Time

    For many people wristwatches have become outdated, with cellphones fulfilling all of their functions and more. Many others who do still wear wristwatches, do so more as a fashion statement and not really as a way to know what time it is. Read More
  • Spencer Releases Jonesin' for Beyond the Breakers

    Spencer Jones requires no introduction in the Yakangler community. We followed him last year when he attended the Extreme Kayak Fishing Sailfish Smackdown and shared his adventures with us on video. Spencer had so much fun and learned so many Read More
  • Handy Kayak Angling Gadgets & Gear

    Just because kayaks offer a more low-tech approach to angling doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of gadgets and gear to make things more interesting. Read More
  • Seven Close Encounters While Kayak Angling

    While not as dangerous as skydiving, boxing or rock climbing, as far as hobbies go, kayak angling does come with a certain amount of risk.  Read More
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    • Getting ready for better weather.
    • not anymore this year. It's gonna be near 70 today. Not gonna be any ice left so I packed the ice gear away and I'm sorting through the softwater...
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    • Troutbum's Avatar
    • First fishing kayak
    • I have a Feel Free Lure 10 and love it! Very stand-up capable and the most comfortable seat in the industry. The Moken is nice but the seat does not...
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    • Hawkeye's Avatar
    • Electronics and transducer locations ?
    • I also have a Catch 120 and put a fish finder on mine last year. I didn't want to put the transducer inside the hull for a few different reasons. I...
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