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Artificial lures are the bread and butter of most kayak anglers arsenal. Read reviews on all types of artificial baits like spinnerbaits, poppers, swimbaits, jigs, and spoons from our team of pros and the community of kayak fishermen.

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Slayer Inc. "Sinister Swim Tail (SST)"
4.3 (5)
June 18, 2012   13066   0   8   0   0
The Slayer Inc. version of the paddletail has quickly developed a group of faithful followers. The “Sinister Swim Tail”, or “S.S.T”, features a much larger tail than most other paddletails - and this tail gives the S.S.T a tremendous amount of action in the water. All S.S.T.s are impregnated with Slayer’s scent combination, and the baits are available in a wide range of solid and laminated color options.
Voodoo Shrimp
4.1 (6)
December 01, 2013   11238   0   1   0   0
The "Vudu Shrimp " by Egret Baits is 3 1/2 inches long and comes pre-rigged on a 3/16 oz jig head. The New Vudu Shrimp has a Kevlar weave through the body giving it strength and durability. Outstanding under a popping or rattling cork. It also can be free lined off the bottom and trolled while paddling.
Mike Bucca’s “Bull Shad” Swimbait
1.3 (2)
December 16, 2012   10853   0   4   0   0
Mike Bucca’s "Bull Shad" Swimbaits have been designed to accurately mimic the different varieties of shad and baitfish that trophy fish crave. There is no denying the big trout-style swimbaits of the West Coast are proven to attract trophy bass, but big shad and their cousins are also major forage for large bass.
H&H Lures "Sparkle Beetle"
3.8 (1)
March 18, 2013   9876   0   5   0   0
The H&H Lure Company bills its “Sparkle Beetle” lure as a “Gulf Coast legend”. Twenty five colors in two sizes offers a wide range of choices to suit every kayak anglers target species. As a simple bait, they can be rigged a number of ways to produce under almost any conditions.
Z-Man "Scented Jerk ShadZ"
4.3 (2)
October 22, 2012   9874   0   5   0   0
Z-man soft plastic lures are extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand, and are making quite a splash in the U.S. market. The lures’ “10X ElaZtech” material makes them extremely durable. The Z-Man "Scented Jerk ShadZ" are no different. These baits are offered in a full line of styles and colors, and the impregnated scent lasts as long as the lure.
Unfair Lures "DawgWalker"
4.5 (1)
January 10, 2013   7874   0   4   0   0
Unfair Lures offers an expanding line of hard baits, that fit the bill for many kayak anglers. Each with features that make it unique in the market. The “DawgWalker” features a swivel tie point to reduce line twist and enhance action, and has five internal rattles for fish-attracting sound.
Slayer Inc. "Sinister Stick BAit (SSB)"
4.4 (2)
November 27, 2012   7694   0   4   0   0
The “Sinister Stick Bait” or “S.S.B.” is Slayer Inc.’s entry into the plastic stickbait market. The 4.25” bait is perfect for rigging on a jighead or wide-gap hook. Ten colors allow the angler to match conditions, and each bait is infused with Slayer’s own scent mix.
Mepps "Basser Kit"
3.6 (2)
January 25, 2010   7457   0   1   0   0
Mepps spinners are known around the world for catching fish since the first one was invented in 1938. Their “Basser Kit " offers six spinners sized and in colors designed to target freshwater bass. Other species-specific kits are available for everything from panfish to muskellunge.
Mister Twister Exude "Cigar Mino"
3.8 (1)
April 26, 2010   7249   0   5   0   0
Mister Twister has added the “Cigar Mino” to their “Exude” line of scent-impregnated soft plastic baits. The 4” swimbait has an oversized paddletail that creates a tremendous amount of vibration on a swim retrieve, and a body shape that presents a larger profile.
Norton "Brass Rattler"
3.8 (1)
March 16, 2010   7196   0   5   0   0
Norton’s “Brass Rattler” spoons incorporate a real brass rattle chamber that adds a loud clicking sound to the standard spoon’s flashy, wobbly retrieve. The design lends itself to long casts and faster retrieves, and the stainless weedguard helps keep grass off the hook. Twenty eight color options cover a wide range of seasons and light/water color combinations.
MirrOlure "MirrO Prop"
4.6 (2)
March 22, 2010   6847   0   3   0   0
MirrOLure is well known for quality hard baits, and the "Name Your Link" topwater is no exception. The front-and-year counter-rotating props create just the right amount of surface commotion to bring predators in from a long way off. A built-in luminescent insert adds attraction to the baitfish profile.
bass assassin sea shad
4.1 (2)
January 25, 2011   5976   0   1   0   0
Bass Assassin Fishing Lures offers a full line of soft plastic baits in styles, sizes, and colors to attract both salt and freshwater species. The "Sea Shad" features a solid shad body with a paddle tail for action that is deadly on trout, snook, and redfish. The Florida-based company continues to develop new colors and styles, and are a great value.
Berkley Powerbait Freshwater Swimming Pogy
1.0 (1)
September 13, 2013   5851   0   1   0   0
The Berkley PowerBait "Freshwater Swimming Pogy" imitates the lifelike movement of real fish with its vibrating tail, 3D eyes and holographic inserts. Impregnated with PowerBait® scent and flavor, the swimming pogy works great for bass, walleye and other predatory fish. Pre-rigged and ready to use, the Berkley® Swimming Pogy is a tackle box essential for your next fishing trip.
70 results - showing 1 - 13  
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