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Berkley PowerBait "Freshwater Swimming Pogy"

Berkley PowerBait "Freshwater Swimming Pogy" Hot

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Berkley Powerbait Freshwater Swimming Pogy

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The Berkley PowerBait "Freshwater Swimming Pogy" imitates the lifelike movement of real fish with its vibrating tail, 3D eyes and holographic inserts. Impregnated with PowerBait® scent and flavor, the swimming pogy works great for bass, walleye and other predatory fish. Pre-rigged and ready to use, the Berkley® Swimming Pogy is a tackle box essential for your next fishing trip.


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Berkley Power Bait - Freshwater Swimming Pogy

As I've mentioned in other reviews, this year has been "eye opening", in that I have experimented more and more with different artificial baits. The Berkley Power Bait & Gulp products have been items that I have really used a lot of this year.

One in particular, the Freshwater Swimming Pogy, has been very successful. I have used Pearl Red Eye and Firetiger. The Pearl Red Eye is a great bait. The tail really wags on these baits. You can tell that it is going to garner attention from game fish visually and from the vibration. I have not used the Firetiger as much (maybe 5 times), but I have used the Pearl Red Eye a lot (10+ times). The Pearl Red Eye produces a fish frequently - there have been a couple of times where 4 or 5 consecutive casts landed fish.

In fact, there have been 3 different times where the Pearl Red Eye was hit within seconds of being in the water. On all three of these instances, the bait had been hit just I was closing the bail & before I could start retrieving. That's pretty cool to have line getting pulled out before the bail is closed!

The only drawback to these baits is the eyes seem to fall off easily. Maybe that doesn't matter to the fish, but it does "seem" like the bite cools down after the eyes are gone. Switching to a new pogy tends to turn it back on.

Unlike some of the other PowerBait / Gulp products, these swimbaits come with a jig inside the bait, so you don't have to buy jigs/hooks separately.
Overall, I have been very happy with this product and will continue to use on a frequent basis.

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Waters Fished:
  • Small Creeks
  • Large Lakes
  • Small Ponds
7-15 times

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Great in-water action
Eyes fall off easy
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