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Silent Harvest Outdoors "Shakey worm"

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SHO Shakey Worm

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Silent Harvest Outdoors (SHO) “Shakey worm” delivers the head down tail up presentation that drive fish wild. The SHO Shakey worm is made from a durable soft plastic that keeps it the lure supple enough to give it tremendous action with very little twitch. Rigged as a drop shot or on a shakey head jig, this bait will catch fish when all your other soft plastics fail.


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(Updated: June 06, 2013)

Thin and had a great action

When I first received my shipment of Silent Harvest Outdoors baits, I was impressed. The colors were great, the textures looked “fishy” and I could tell these baits were going to work. One in particular caught my eye and had me really wanting to hit the water.

The Silent Harvest Outdoors (SHO) Dragon Scale is a 3.75” craw imitation that was just begging to be put on a stand up jig head. The SHO website says it can be fished alone or as a trailer and I could not wait to see that bait working its way through river rocks on a stand up head.

As soon as I hit the water I tried a shallow water test and was well pleased with the results. The action of the Dragon Scale is outstanding and it was not long before it found the first victim. I can see already that I will have to keep these in my arsenal of soft plastics.

SHO also sent me their Stick worm. It is a fat chunk of stick bait that has enough weight to cast quite some distance and that makes it a great bait for skipping as well. It sinks quickly and would do well on bedding fish or like I was using it in strong river current.

Rounding out the sampling of lures was an assortment of SHO-Shakey Worms. I am a whacky style worm fanatic so I was really interested in trying these out. They were thin and had a great action with very little rod movement so they will be great on a dropshot rig as well. My rig consisted of a #1 short shank hook or a 3/32nd oz jighead with a #1 hook designed for deeper whacky rigging. I had a great time with the spotted bass on this rig and it made for a great day. I even broke one in half and used it to trick rainbow trout on the White river in Arkansas this past week.

Silent Harvest Outdoors has a full line up of soft plastics including; worms, craws, creature baits and swim baits. Their standard colors are far from standard but if you don’t see the exact bait you are dreaming of you can contact them to create your own custom color.

I was very impressed with the assortment of baits I tried and plan on ordering some of their other creations soon along with a few packs of their Dragon Scales. SHO can be found at www.SHObaits.com or on Facebook just look for Silent Harvest Outdoors. Give them a look, I bet you can find something to fool your local critters.

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