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BiCO Jigs "Lead Free Bass Jigs"

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BiCO Jigs "Lead Free Bass Jigs"

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If you are into bass fishing then the BiCO Jig is well worth checking out. This bass jig features a lead-free design and is not only very durable, but also has snag-resistant properties. It is also personally assembled in the USA by Bill Quattrucci Jr, the man who created this lure, so you know you are getting quality craftsmanship.

The lead free design of the BiCO Jig doesn’t just make it an environmentally responsible choice, but also increases its size without the burden of additional weight. Thanks to the wider surface area on the flat side of the jig, it is able to skip more efficiently on the surface of water than conventional jigs. The benefits continue once the jig makes contact with the bottom of the water. Here the flathead design ensures that the jig stands upright, which means the tail-end of the trailer is pointing upwards and providing a more lifelike and appealing presentation.

Additionally, the BiCO is versatile enough to work just as well as a swim jig and, thanks to its tapered jig head design, it won’t tangle as easily when moving through different types of aquatic vegetation. This also means you can drop it in just about any type of cover without having to worry about it getting hung up. The hook of this jig is impressive as well as it comes equipped with an OWNER hook, which is a brand known for durability and strength. The particular model used on this jig is the deep-throat wide gap one, featuring a pronounced claw-shaped configuration. This offers the additional advantage of preventing trailers from sliding down the hook’s shank.

This jig is available in a variety of colors and the paint used on the heads is quite durable, so it won’t peel off in chunks. It is a great jig that not only offers quality craftsmanship and a great weed guard, but it is also perfectly balanced and weighted. 


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