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9.25 in	Wee Tee Lake, SC, USA   Lewis G. Brownlee 9.25 in Wee Tee Lake, SC, USA Lewis G. Brownlee

(Cuvier, 1829); CENTRARCHIDAE FAMILY; also called stump knocker, goggle eye, goggle eyed perch.

Occurs in North America in the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins from western Pennsylvania to Minnesota in the USA, and south to the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Gulf drainages from Rappahannock River in Virginia to Rio Grande in Texas and New Mexico. It has been introduced into Mexico and Puerto Rico. This small panfish can be found wherever dense weed beds and soft, muddy bottoms exist, and it is frequently caught near stumps. It is better able to tolerate turbid or muddy waters than most species.


Length Location Catch Date Angler Kayak
9.25 in Wee Tee Lake, SC, USA 2-July-2014 Lewis G. Brownlee Hobie Pro Angler 14

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