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17 in   	Elkhorn Creen, KY, USA   T.J. Strong 17 in Elkhorn Creen, KY, USA T.J. Strong

(Smith, 1834); PERCIDAE FAMILY; also called blue pickerel, sand pickerel, sand pike, gray pike, blue pike, river pike, pike perch, blue pike perch, sand pike perch, gray pike perch, spotfin pike, jackfish, jack salmon.

It has a general distribution in Canada and the U.S. from Quebec to Tennessee and Arkansas, and from northwestward through Montana to about central Alberta. Between Alberta and Quebec it occurs in southern Saskatchewan and Ontario and throughout the Great Lakes to James Bay. It does not occur east of the Appalachians or much south of Tennessee except in a few drainages where it has been introduced, principally from the Carolinas around through the lower coastal states to as far as Texas on the Gulf.


Length Location Catch Date Angler Kayak
17 in Elkhorn Creen, KY, USA 7-June2014 T.J. Strong Jackson Kayak Coosa

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