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Buffalo, bigmouth

34 in   PeePee Creek, OH, USA	   18-May-2013   Russell McDonald 34 in PeePee Creek, OH, USA 18-May-2013 Russell McDonald

(Valenciennes, 1844); CATOSTOMIDAE FAMILY

Found in the Lake Erie, Ohio, and Mississippi drainages from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, the bigmouth buffalo has also been introduced into Arizona and California.

It is the largest member of the sucker family, growing to over 70 lb (31 kg). In general body shape it very much resembles the carp. The dorsal fin is similar, beginning with a tall lobe near the middle of the back and continuing to a lower portion nearly to the tail. The carp has a single serrated spine at the beginning of the dorsal fin, while the bigmouth buffalo has no spines in any of the fins. The toothless mouth is relatively large and wide, and slants downward when closed. The upper lip begins almost on a level with the eyes. In comparison, the mouth of the smallmouth buffalo (Ictiobus bubalus), is smaller, almost horizontal when closed, subterminal and protracts downward in typical sucker fashion. The body of the bigmouth buffalo is coppery olive brown to slate blue above, becoming lighter toward the belly, which is white.


LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerKayak
34 in PeePee Creek, OH, USA 18-May-2013 Russell McDonald Future Beach Angler 160

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