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16.75 in     	Jamaica Bay, NY, USA   19-May-2014   	Matthew Trucks 16.75 in Jamaica Bay, NY, USA 19-May-2014 Matthew Trucks

(Bloch & Schneider, 1801); SCIAENIDAE FAMILY; also called squeteague, common weakfish, common sea trout, gray trout, summer trout, tiderunner

Inhabits the western Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Massachusetts, with isolated records of it occurring as far north as Nova Scotia. The centers of abundance are from North Carolina to Florida in the winter and from Delaware to New York in the summer. It is a schooling fish that occurs in shore over sandy bottoms in the summer and in deeper water, up to 55 fathoms, in the winter. It may be found in the surf, in bays, or in estuaries of rivers and creeks, but does not venture into fresh water.


Length Location Catch Date Angler Kayak
16.75 in Jamaica Bay, NY, USA 19-May-2014 Matthew Trucks Jackson Kayak Cuda 14
12 in Stono River, Charleston, SC, USA 28-October-2013 Darrell Olson Jackson Kayak Big Tuna

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