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Mackerel, king

47 in  Port Lucaya, The Bahamas, FL, USA	25-April-2014	 	Andrew Mixon 47 in Port Lucaya, The Bahamas, FL, USA 25-April-2014 Andrew Mixon

CARANGIDAE Family; Caranx crysos; Also known as Bluestripe jack, Egyptian scad, Hardtail jack and Hardnose. A predatory fish which are distributed in eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, south to Senegal to Angola and almost all of Florida coastal waters. They are both inshore and offshore species that are commonly found in reefs, lagoon waters and all the way out to deep open water.

The blue runner is characterized by its near football shaped body, mostly white or light olive to bluish green above and silvery gray to golden below, leading to a curved forked tail. On the gill cover, a black spot is present just foreward of a long sweeping pectoral fin. Live shrimp or cut baitfish make for the best natural bait, while jigs and flies are the best artificial bait. The blue runner is able and willing fighter for their size that is known to reach a maximum length of 27.56 in and 11.13 lbs. in weight, but is much more common below 13.78 in.


Length Location Catch Date Angler Kayak
19 in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA 26-September-2014 Andrew Mixon Hobie Pro Angler 14

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