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Peacock, butterfly

15.75 in	Naples, Florida, USA	02-March-2014	Darrell Olson 15.75 in Naples, Florida, USA 02-March-2014 Darrell Olson

Bloch & Schneider, 1801; CICHLIDAE FAMILY; also known as pavón mariposa, pavón amarillo, marichapa or pavón tres estrellas, tucunare, lukanani

The butterfly peacock is native to tropical South America. It was introduced in Hawaii in 1957 and in Florida in 1984 and 1986. It has also been stocked in many other countries including Puerto Rico, Panama, Kenya, Guam and the Dominican Republic.

Of all the peacock basses, the butterfly peacock has the greatest variation in color. They are yellowish green, with three dark, yellow-fringed blotches along the lateral midsection, or bars that typically fade in fish larger than three or four pounds. A smaller “eyespot” spot, characteristic of all "pavónes,” appears at the beginning of the caudal fin. The iris of the eye is frequently deep reddish in color. They are also distinguished by the absence of black markings on the opercula. This species is believed to attain weights of 11 to 12 pounds.


LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerKayak
15.75 in Naples, Florida, USA 02-March-2014 Darrell Olson Hobie Revolution 13
13.1 in Naples, Florida, USA 03-May-2013 James Van Pelt

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