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Seatrout, spotted

30.5 in Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA	08-May-2013	Andrew Mixon 30.5 in Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA 08-May-2013 Andrew Mixon

(Cuvier, 1830); SCIAENIDAE FAMILY; also called spotted weakfish, spotted squeteague, speckled trout, gator trout, winter trout, salmon trout, black trout

Occurs in the western Atlantic Ocean from New York to the Gulf of Mexico, from Virginia southward, particularly off the coasts of North Carolina and Texas. An in shore, schooling species, it usually inhabits the shallow areas of bays and estuaries. They range as far north as Long Island in late spring.

Two large, recurvate canine teeth in the front of the upper jaw stand out noticeably. There are round black spots on the back and upper flanks and on the tail and second dorsal fin.


LengthLocationCatch DateAngler
30.5 in Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA 08-May-2013 Andrew Mixon

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