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Mudville Catmaster Glow Fillet Knife

Mudville Catmaster Glow Fillet Knife

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Mudville Catmaster Glow Fillet Knife

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Glow Fillet Knife
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Catfishing from a kayak is quite a thrill, but you need a decent fillet knife if you plan on serving up your haul around the campfire. Mudville believes that they have the answer in the form of their Catmaster Glow Fillet Knife. After taking the results of a catfish angler survey into consideration, which indicated that most catfish anglers fish after dark, they came up with this glow-in-the-dark feature. Although not all kayak anglers are brave or foolish enough to be out on the water after sunset, it is still a handy tool to add to your arsenal.

The Glow Fillet Knife is an affordable offering that features a 7’ blade that is made from teflon-coated stainless steel. The blade is sharp enough to get the job done, but it is the handle that really sets it apart from the competition. Not only is it have rubberized, non-slip and very comfortable to handle, but it also does what it claims and glows in the dark. Of course, it has to be exposed to a light source beforehand in order for the phosphorescent glow to work, but it is a neat feature nonetheless. Obviously it is not a very useful gimmick for anglers who don’t venture out in the dark, but night-time catfishing aficionados will definitely be impressed.

Surprisingly enough, considering the low price, the Mudville Catmaster Glow Fillet Knife also comes with a protective sheath. While this in itself is not so unusual, the sheath does feature a sharpening stone inside, which means you can always rely on the blade being in a usable condition. If you don’t have any need for the glow-in-the-dark features there are better fillet knives to spend your money on, but for the price this one isn’t too bad all things considered.


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