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Medford Praetorian G

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Medford Praetorian G

Make & Model

Medford Knite and Tool
Praetorian G
MSRP ($):
Elite Emperor's Guard

The Praetorian is a Marquee knife. It is a TON of blade in a relatively small package. This design incorporates aerospace materials, space age coatings, old school metallurgy, thoughtful design and hand craftsmanship that is rare but alive and strong in this modern world. This knife is a beautiful and savage balance of form and function that will drop your jaw. Awesome EDC knife.

All Praetorian variants come with a D2, NP3 coated tempered-glass breaking pommel. We have extensively tested these tips and you find them utterly dependable and 100% functional. No gimmick. No variations of this breaker, in material or form, will be done by MKT as it is meant to be an emergency lifesaving feature and not for ornamental appeal. If testing wear hand and arm protection as overexertion will ABSOLUTELY result in cuts to the hand and arm.

WARNING: Open in private the first time...you will want to stab something.

As Shown: D2 steel, tumbled blade finish, tumbled locking side and coyote G-10 non-locking side with tumbled clip.

Total length: 8 15/16"
Blade length: 3 3/4"
Blade Thickness: .190"
Blade width: 1 3/4"
Scale thickness: 1/8"
Total thickness 1/2"
Closed Length: 5 1/4"
Weight: 8.3oz

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Medford Praetorian G

I own a couple of Greg Medford's knives and all I can say is wow. They are definitely "overbuilt" knives that will do whatever you want it to do. With a blade that is a bit thicker than 3/16", you can use it as a pry bar if you choose. I personally would not pry anything with my Praetorian, but if you want to, you can. The D2 steel is a good knife steel, but care must be taken as it is not quite as rust resistant as some of the other steels. I have the DLC coated blade so it is not so much a concern to me.

These knives are definitely for everyone...it is heavy and bulky and pricy and you will definitely feel it in your pocket. If you are a fan of big, chunky knives, definitely give Medford Knife and Tool a look. It is a knife that will literally give you a lifetime of service.

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Waters Fished:
  • Large Rivers
  • Small Creeks
  • Large Lakes
  • Small Ponds
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
30+ times

Pros & Cons

Tank life knife, Medford quality
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