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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 08:15

Grand Launching of X-Fish SUF:

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While in Harrisburg, PA last week at the Eastern Outdoors Show I met the folks from X-Fish.  They have a sharp looking product and certainly looks like a platform that I would like to try fishing from.  After chatting with the owner for about 45 minutes I asked him to send me some information about his product so that I could share with you fellow YakAnglers.  See his Press Release below.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our booth at the Eastern Outdoor Sports Expo this last week.  We're extremely pleased with the reception of the kayak community and kayak fishermen & gals who finally seen a new innovation in board and kayak fishing.


The all new X-Fish 12’0” x 35” fishing board was a total home run at the show…and probably the most talked about exhibit in the Fishing Hall Center.  

This totally new “hybrid board design”…has a new approach in board fishing, with simplicity at its best.   It was obvious that the design was from a real…fishermen, with the necessary features that included a built in 72qt Igloo Marine Cooler, a centered position raised swivel seat, and 2 rear rod holders placed for easy access.


As pictured, you can see a very low profile (7”) which makes this new fishing board very slick.  X Fish has a new proprietary bottom technology that received a patent just recently, and claims to be un-roll-able.  The owner did state for the record, he’s been pitched off the board being blindsided by a cabin cruiser wake, kinda “like getting pitched over the handlebars of your bicycle….”  The learning curve takes about 5 minutes, after you find your balance points.  Standing up fly fishing is a breeze, with no hardware hang ups on the sides or the deck area.  Water intake on the deck flows off due to its design, allowing the rider to be almost totally dry, and as the owner stated, he’s wears shoes and socks normally.

The founder and chief marine engineer behind the design actually made the first prototype for his 12 yr. old son, who asked for a stand up surf board, dad said no…and built a safe platform for him, thus leading to the third generation as you now see.  It’s cool to hear stories like this that takes a simple approach to safety, yet the seriousness of a functional weapon such as the X-Fish boards.


The very cool thing about the X-Fish board is its simplicity, and weight.  The X-Fish comes in at 45 lbs. dry, and roughly 60 lbs. with gear, cooler, seat, accessories.
The clean design and full displacement hull is designed for smooth backcountry water paddling, rivers, lakes, and very shallow water.

The all new X-Fish 12’0” will hold 350 lbs., and drafts a mere 3” of water.  Another unique feature is the “quick stick pole” anchoring system that allows the fishermen to stop his motion drifting or being blown around in the wind.  The T-Handled “Stick Pole” is 5ft long and is used in water 4ft deep of less.  

Another very fascinating feature that caught every ones attention, was the trolling motor option kit offered. The X guys came up with a seat operated steering system, as we all know fish normally go in the opposite direction when you really hook up.  The X Fish allows you to turn 180 degrees around, and when doing so, it automatically turns the bow to the fish when the trolling motor is on, another very slick idea, that really works.  X also will offer a keychain speed controller that could allow the operator to retrieve the board back to himself in the case he falls off….(we all been there…..right)


X-Fish is also developing a series of new designs after extensive testing down in Sarasota, Florida, where there manufactured by hand.  Each board is truly custom built, with a 10 mil gel coat exterior surface, and 2 layers of a proprietary secret fiber similar to Kevlar.  The strength factor is built in to take a serious pounding, rock hits, and oyster bed scrapping. X then foam fills the hulls with 2lb. density foam, which make this little board unsinkable.

Drawing only 3” of water with a 250 lbs. guy on board is very cool….allowing this board to get into waters you can’t imagine…title pools….low tide conditions.

X-Fish SUF will offer 3 models,  the X-Fish 12’0” x 35”  /  the “Predator”… 14’ x 40”  /

The Ocean..16ft x 42” wide Surfboard nosed configuration for open-ocean and inlet fishing.

The X-Hunter is also coming…..and it’s very cool, with a decoy box attached.

What the company states about the design, due to sitting up 16” off the deck, allows the paddler to have a much easier sweeping motion while paddling,  unlike the digging action while kayaking, and sitting on you rear end.  People with shoulder rotator issues or neck & pain who can’t kayak paddle, will find the X-Fish to be a new experience, and effortless motion while paddling.  X states, that this paddling motion…is one of the best therapies for shoulder injuries, and lower back issues. (The founder has “both” torn rotator cups and has no problem paddling 4-5 hrs.)

X-Fish grand launching to the general public was a huge hit so far, and interested dealers and distributor are welcome to inquire for their general areas.  Marketing is focused on private charter fishing, rentals, touring, photography, and kayak sales & supply companies.

Please excuse our temporary website, as we are in the process of rebuilding a “killer” site for everyone…with a ton of pictures.

X-Fish plans on a 5 man X TEAM effort, at this years $150,000 “Boca Grande Tarpon Tournament” inviting 5…of the “best” salt water anglers in Florida…..”Were taken home some of that money”…says the owner, Vern Tokarczyk. If anything,  where out to show our new boards, and let these high rolling boat owners know that we paddlers can compete for a couple grand…and have SUM SERIOUS FUN TOO…..that’s what it’s all about anyway…..Please log in to our website for news updates.

Vern Tokarczyk-Founder / Pres.
Sarasota, Florida 34231           


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adam hayes

About the Author: Adam Hayes is an avid kayak angler and the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com. He enjoys spending time on the water with his friends and family and really just about anything than involves growing the sport of kayak fishing.



# Ken Nilsen 2011-02-18 12:46
It looks an awful lot like the flatstalker. Not really a new idea, just a different platform. http://www.flatstalker.com/
# steve salemi 2011-11-13 13:50
Yesterday my wife and I were down in Sarasota at Turtle Beach and ran into Vern and his fantastic X-fish. What a great fishing tool. It had everything you needed to sneek up on the big ones. The only thing that I would be worried about was that it was so quiet ya might
sneak up on something where ya might "need a bigger boat" if ya know what I mean!
# Maria 2012-05-11 10:01
Don't do any business with this Tokarczyk guy he is a con and a liar. He also leaves a path of unpaid bills.

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