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Wednesday, 29 December 2010 17:48

KC Kayaks

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KC Kayaks is a new SUP/Kayak hybrid coming onto the market.  Its a very cool looking design which features what appears to be a half tunnel hull design.   With its SUP/kayak design kayak anglers will have the option of standing or sitting while fishing out of this boat.  Great looking design!



KC Kayaks was founded by four Louisiana State University graduates with a vision. To create the most stable and comfortable kayak on the market and use it as a platform to promote coastal conservation on not only the Gulf Coast, but throughout the world. We hope to ensure that our fisheries will be enjoyed for generations to come.


Our unique hull design provides the user with a stable and comfortable experience on the water. Anglers will have the option of easily fishing from either a sitting or standing position. A higher vantage point gives anglers the upper hand over their quarry by being able to spot fish from a distance, thus decreasing the chance of spooking fish by getting too close. This method is often used when sight fishing in coastal waters for redfish, bonefish, and other inshore species.

KC kayaks will offer maximum deck storage for all your gear. Large tank wells are located in both the bow and stern of the boat. KC kayaks come standard with flush mount rod holders, dry storage hatch, and a seat. The fully adjustable seat can be used in either a low or high position. KC kayaks can also be easily outfitted to suit your needs with plenty of space for mounting a GPS, extra rod holders, and other kayaking accessories


For more information about this boat, please visit:  http://www.kckayaks.com/ 

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