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Thursday, 09 September 2010 19:22

Old Town Pack Angler

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Typically on this site when we talk about kayak fishing boats we are usually discussing Sit-On-Top kayaks that are great for off shore fishing due to the scupper holes that allow water to drain with out any self bailing.  We do occasionally discuss hybrid models such as the Native Ultimate but one model that we don't really ever talk about is the solo canoe.  These boats have lots of great attributes that make them great for river and fly fishing.

I came across this boat on a another discussion board where the yakangler (riverpirate) was a sponsored Ocean Kayak angler.  Wanting to try a more hybrid style of boat while maintianing loyal to his sponsorship he decided to try the Old Town Pack Angler (both Ocean Kayak and Old Town are owned by Johnson Outdoors).

In his thread he had nothing but good things to say about this boat.  It is easy to paddle with a double-sided paddle (kayak paddle) and had tons of storage room for gear and rods.  He states that due to it's great stability he stands 99% of the time while in this boat and has actually since removed the seat.

Here is a bit of a product profile of the Old Town Pack Angler.

This canoe is crafted to meet the solo angler's demand for light, compact comfort. Made of tough, lightweight Royalex the Pack Angler is designed for solo portage and an easy lift on and off the car top. At 12 feet long, this canoe navigates the tightest waters and is well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. Add in all the angler features and-dawn 'til dusk-the Pack goes wherever the catch takes you.


Product Features:

A lowered contoured seat with adjustable backrest to enhance stability and comfort
Gunwale-mounted rod holder
Bow-mounted anchor system
Removable workdeck
Well-suited for double-bladed paddle
Solo use



Length 12' 0" / 3.7 m   
Width 32" / 81.3 cm   
Width at 4" Waterline 31.75" / 80.6 cm   
Bow Height 16.75" / 42.5 cm   
Depth 11.5" / 29.2 cm   
Weight 33 lbs / 14.9 kg   
Max Load Range 550 - 600 lbs /
249.5 - 272.2 kg   
Suggested Retail  $1,019.00 US

For more information about this boat, please visit:  http://www.oldtowncanoe.com

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adam hayes

About the Author: Adam Hayes is an avid kayak angler and the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com. He enjoys spending time on the water with his friends and family and really just about anything than involves growing the sport of kayak fishing.



# Riverpirate 2012-08-22 15:02
Sweet Write up. I have been away from this site too long. In fact I have been away from many of the kayak fishing sites too long. It is almost as if my guidinghas taken me away from the sport. I will be back more often I hope.

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