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Wednesday, 09 October 2019 10:25

The Oru Kayak Inlet Shatters It's Kickstarter Goal

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Oru Kayak invented the origami kayak a few years back and recently returned to Kickstarter with their new "Inlet" kayak. 
It's too big. It's too heavy. There's nowhere to store it safely. It's too cumbersome to transport because of its size and weight. These are all issues that kayak owners have had to overcome in the past when considering what to buy. If you are a kayak fishing enthusiasts, then the chances are good that you already own a decent-sized and quite hefty kayak for the job. But what if you are looking for something smaller and lighter on the side? Well, then the Inlet by Oru Kayak could be worth a closer look. 
Oru Kayak invented the origami kayak a few years back and recently returned to Kickstarter with their new "Inlet" kayak. Their goal was US$ 70,000 goal, but at the time of writing, close to 900 backers have pledged more than US$ 900,000. The Inlet is not a fishing kayak, but what it does offer is something that weighs 20 lbs, can be assembled in under five minutes, and folds down small enough that you could even check it on a plane. It's designed to make the water accessible, simple, and easy for everyone, so instead of investing in an expensive tandem kayak, the Inlet could be ideal for your non-fishing partner to accompany you. If you are strong enough to pick up a Dachshund or Thanksgiving turkey, then you are strong enough to carry the Inlet. 
For more information about the Oru Kayak Inlet, check out their official Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1975288517/the-oru-kayak-inlet-most-portable-origami-kayak-ever
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